Couple are sick of White Shaming BLM… Take Things Into Their Own Hands [Watch]


On the Fourth of July, a patriotic couple got so fed up with the “white shaming” they decided to take the law into their own hands and paint out some racist Black Lives Matter graffiti. The city of Martinez, California, calls it “a city-approved Black Lives Matter mural” and they’re out to throw the book at the pair of vicious vandals.

Patriotic couple declared public enemies

Instead of rounding up the criminal lawbreakers who have been burning and looting their way across the country, police in Martinez, California are working hard to “identify a white man and white woman.” Once the couple is finally tracked down, they deserve a full presidential pardon in advance of any kangaroo court.

The entire crime was caught on tape. A local resident was filmed by onlookers, astonished the white woman would dare to paint out their “mural.” They are being accused of trying to paint out the whole thing but may have only been trying to paint out the word Black. The video makes it clear. The couple insists, all lives matter. as for police brutality symbolism, they aren’t buying it.

Murals are generally works of art, not signs or racist graffiti. The words “Black Lives Matter” painted in yellow paint down the street in front of the Contra Costa County courthouse looked like racist graffiti to many of the local residents and one couple decided to do what city officials refuse to do.

Volunteer graffiti removal

While the woman in the red shirt proclaiming “Trump Four More Years” volunteered her graffiti removal services, her other half recorded the scene for posterity. “Authorities are asking the public to identify the couple so they may be ‘held accountable for their actions.” When the city gets done with them, the rest of America wants to hand them a medal.

“The community spent a considerable amount of time putting the mural together only to have it painted over in a hateful and senseless manner,” by a couple of white anarchists. Police Chief Manjit Sappal whined, “the City of Martinez values tolerance and the damage to the mural was divisive and hurtful.” Where is the tolerance for blue lives? Do these people not realize that without the police to enforce law and order we’re back to wild west anarchy? Where anyone can paint out anyone else’s sign and the only recourse is bloodshed. Police “brutality” should be addressed by “accountability” not anarchy.

By the time the cops showed up, the couple was gone. They have lots of clues though. “Witnesses provided police a photo of their vehicle, a white Nissan pickup truck with the word ‘Nicole’ on the right side of the tailgate.” The liars can stop calling her “Karen” now.

The sound track to the video is as priceless as what it shows. Liberal onlookers are shocked, asking “what was wrong with the couple.” They called the graffiti removal racist. The male replied that they were “tired of the narrative of oppression. There is no oppression, there is no racism. It’s a leftist lie. It’s a lie from the media, the liberal left.”


  1. Why would our First Lady need to reach out to Michelle? Melania is a very smart woman who can think for herself and has her own agenda. What did Michelle accomplish in 8 years screw up school lunches and take several vacations with large entourages on the American peoples dollar. She spent 8 years to long in our house.

    why would our First Lady needto reach out to Micelle


  2. The mural itself was division & hateful! You fools! BLM is a self announced Marxist organization whose ultimate goal is the destruction of our Capitalist system & destruction of the American way of life. Burn Loot & Murder founders themselves say as much. That any city gubment would allow such crapola to be painted on their streets is a crime against America in itself & the city fathers/mothers/idiots in general should be prosecuted. As for the couple painting over it, they should be held to high esteem & praised for their pro American values.


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