Country Star Miranda Lambert Breaks Down on Stage


Last August, country music star Miranda Lambert broke down on stage, and the reason behind was something that is often very common for all of us. Apparently, Miss Lambert was going through a situation where her treasured canine companion had passed away on her.

The country music star announced it on stage, and her backup singer Gwen Sebastian came up to comfort her as the tears started flowing for Lambert as she performed the song, “The House That Built Me.” The country music singer was performing at Guthrie’s River Ruckus Festival in Guthrie Center in Houston.

“The House That Built Me” has a line about her favorite dog being buried in the backyard, and that was the portion of the song that caused her to break down. This performance at the Guthrie Center was the first one since she had lost her furry companion, Jessi, earlier in the week.

There is a video posted to Twitter that shows the country music singer wiping the tears from her eyes as her fans sang along. They ultimately turned off the spotlight and her fans cheered their support for the emotional moment.

Jessi was one of the two dogs that Lambert had rescued on the side of the road some 13 years ago. Jessi, along with her brother Waylon, instantly became a part of Lambert’s family. The country music singer even shared a story of how she found them, stating that the dogs were in Oklahoma and they were in the middle of a sleet storm.

Ask anyone, and they will tell you that these fur babies become an important part of our family life. After such a long length of time, they are so much more than a pet; they are actually an addition to the family that will often even share a bed with us. Our condolences to Miranda Lambert for the loss of her beloved pet!