Country Music Legend Opens Up About RINO’s

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Country Music

A country music legend is now opening up about RINO’s, and you might find what he has to say very interesting, to say the least…

Yes, country music legend Travis Tritt, known for such hits as “Country Club”, “Here’s a Quarter”, and “I’m Gonna Be Somebody” is now opining about RINOs, and he’s got one of them in particular in his crosshairs. Take a look at the following tweet about Georgia governor Brian Kemp:

I truly regret that I ever voted for @BrianKempGA for Governor of our great state of Georgia. He has betrayed our state, his constituents and our country. I will be voting for a real conservative in 2022. His name is
12:38 AM · Jul 15, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

GOP party officials in two deeply conservative counties in Georgia have now voted to censure Governor Brian Kemp along with two other top party leaders last July, and this could very well be a sign that the governor is facing his fair share of grassroots opposition from those that were loyal to former President Donald J. Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign. It also highlights the possibility that Kemp will face a primary challenge next year as well.

It was in Whitfield County, which is in the northwest corner of the state, where GOP lawmakers voted unanimously to condemn Governor Kemp, stating that he had “done nothing” to help President Trump after the election in November 2020.

“Because of Kemp’s betrayal of President Trump and his high unpopularity with the Trump GOP base, Kemp could end up costing the GOP the governor’s mansion because many Trump supporters have pledged not to vote for Kemp under any circumstances,” the resolution read, which was adopted by acclamation.
They passed a similar resolution in Murray County, also in Northern Georgia.

This is but one example of why people such as country music legend Travis Tritt and plenty of regular people are totally fed up with Governor Kemp and other RINO’s. People are tired of lawmakers such as Governor Kemp riding the fence all of the time!