Cory Booker Rips DNC, Claims of Racism

Cory Booker-2
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

Cory Booker is upset that Kamala Harris has dropped out of the race.

According to Booker, though, her being out of the race has nothing to do with her being a horrible candidate and everything to do with race.

Before you read another word, though, let’s all realize we just had a black president in office, not for one term, but two full terms!

Let’s Play the Race Card

While I love the fact the Booker is creating this turmoil within the party, it also goes to show how he always resorts to playing the race card as an excuse when he does not get his way.

Kamala Harris undid her own campaign.

While she was initially a frontrunner in the race, the more the people of this country learned about her, the less they liked her.

She was great in the first debate, right up until she refused to address the questions that Tulsi Gabbard asked.


Not only did she not answer them, but her reasoning was also that Gabbard was not a “top-tier” candidate like herself, so her questions did not deserve her attention.

It was both arrogant and bitchy, and it did not play well with the American people.

Then, when her record as a prosecutor was dug into, it proved that Harris had been misleading on several fronts.

From that point forward, her support dwindled until she was a bottom-dweller in the race.

More Racist Shots

Michael Bloomberg recently entered the presidential race and knowing Booker has a tendency to go after white candidates, especially old, white, successful businessmen, he had nothing but nice things to say about Booker.

When Bloomberg called Booker “well-spoken,” Booker took it as a slight rather than a compliment.

Now, I have been called “well-spoken” on a variety of occasions, and I took it to mean I am informed and educated on the topic discussed.

Booker, however, took it is a racial insult.

He stated, “it’s sort of stunning at times that we are still revisiting these sort of tired tropes.

“The fact that they don’t understand is problematic.”

What Booker is hinting at is affirmative action on steroids.

We are apparently no longer allowed to make up our decision as to whom we prefer, because if there is a minority candidate, he or she should be selected, period.

This is great for conservatives, though, because the more Booker stirs this pot, the more Democrats look like a bunch of racists who openly tout minority members while actually shuffling them off to the child’s table.

Keep it up Cory, because we LOVE what you are doing right now!