Cop Approached by Woman at Store… He Never Expected What Happened Next

Police officer
Photo by Zachary Lisko on Unsplash

It was about 7:15 A.M. and a police officer was in uniform and picking up some milk for his family.

He was immediately approached by a shorter, elderly lady.

Of course, when members of law enforcement get approached by members of the public, it’s hard to tell what might be going on.

Was this old lady in trouble? Was she a victim of some sort of crime?

She told him soon enough, and the law enforcement officer recounted it in a post on the “Police Lives Matter” Facebook group:

“I was getting ready to take some milk home to my children, aged six and nine, as this is about the time that they get up and start getting ready for school.

“When I was approached by this elderly lady, she said, ‘excuse me, young man, would it be much trouble if I gave you a hug?’

“Naturally, that’s not the first thing I would expect from a member of the public, but I, of course, didn’t deny it. Then, she did something else that surprised me.

“She gave me this card, and made me promise not to open it until I got back to my patrol car.”

Needless to say, when this police officer made it back to his squad car, he was not only even more surprised, but he was touched as well.

The card read, “This is a voucher for not only unlimited free hugs but also free coffee for all first responders” and it listed the woman’s address as a well-known local retirement home.

“It’s things like this that make doing our job worth it,” the police officer wrote.

This heartwarming post that was shared by this young police officer and family man probably encouraged many others in his line of work to continue the fight and to continue putting on their badge each and every morning.

If you are a first responder or you are the spouse or another close family member of one, then you realize just how much dedication it takes for them to do their jobs.

It is nice to see someone actually thanking a police officer rather than telling a fake news story that hurts the reputation of all of our first responders.

Ma’am, whoever and wherever you are, well done! And to that officer and every officer in uniform, thank you for your brave service!

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