Confirmed: Pensacola Shooting Linked To Al Qaeda


Officials confirmed on Monday that the first successful terror attack on U.S. soil since September 11, 2001 was the work of al Qaeda. On December 6, 2019, Mohammed Alshamrani, a Saudi military trainee at Pensacola Naval Air Station, killed three sailors and wounded several more before law enforcement took him down. He was talking to al Qaeda the night before he did it.

Al Qaeda connection confirmed

The Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Instigation made a joint announcement on Monday, which confirmed that “a longtime associate of al Qaeda” successfully carried out a mission which had been years in the planning. The FBI managed to scrape just enough off his iPhone, no thanks to Apple, they whine, “to carry out a recent counterterrorism operation in Yemen.” In February, group leader Qassim al-Rimi was terminated with extreme prejudice during an airstrike. A.G. Barr was “very pleased” with the operation’s results

Attorney General William Barr and alleged “FBI Director” Christopher Wray declare there’s no doubt about it, the terrorist who opened fire at the military base in Pensacola, Florida, was an operative of al Qaeda. “the Pensacola attack was actually the brutal culmination of years of planning and preparation by a longtime AQAP associate,” Wray said. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is one of the “deadliest” splinter factions of the terror network.

They aren’t saying publicly if he was acting under direct orders but they note he was working with al Qaeda since 2015 and his involvement was “significant.” Wray complimented Alshamrani on how “meticulous” his planning was. Almost as good as the Obamagate coup plotters. Both plots involved highly coordinated “planning and tactics” between conspirators ahead of “the attack.”

Anti-American social media posts

Since day one, the feds have been calling the incident “motivated by jihadist ideology.” They knew instantly about his “anti-American, anti-Israel and jihadi posts.” On the 2019 anniversary of 9/11, he typed, “the countdown has begun.” Not a single FBI Facebook troll caught it. They were too busy tracking conservatives.

They didn’t catch the one two hours before he opened fire either. The one that “referenced the words of an al Qaeda cleric.” Another big clue that it was muslim extremism was that “AQAP had claimed responsibility for the Pensacola attack.” They even bragged that they were “in touch with Alshamrani.”

So far, it appears that Alshamrani was a lone wolf, “No other co-conspirators have been charged in the shooting.” The Attorney General confirmed they couldn’t pin any of his actions on “any of the shooter’s friends or fellow trainees from Saudi Arabia.” Barr also notes that the Saudi government is fully cooperating.


They cracked the iPhones, sort of

Apple flat out refused to help them break the encryption. “there is no such thing as a back door just for the good guys. Back doors can also be exploited by those who threaten our national security and the data security of our customers,” they swore back in January. The FBI couldn’t find anyone else to help either and they are still fuming over it. They managed to get into the cracks a little and retrieve just enough to be useful. Without their back door.

Apple did give them access to the “iCloud and other data” which is a totally separate issue. Christopher Wray is frustrated he can’t tap anyone anywhere, especially Trump associates. He complained loud and long that the FBI received “effectively no help” from Apple and that “third-party technology firms” also told them go fly a kite.

They managed to make do within the law for a change. “The fix that the FBI was able to develop for Alshamrani’s phones,” Wray confirmed, “is not a fix for our broader Apple problem.” In fact, it’s a “pretty limited application.” Barr whined just as loudly. “Apple has made a business and marketing decision to design its phones in a way that only the user can unlock the contents no matter what the circumstances.”

That really cheeses him off. “In cases like this, where the user is a terrorist, or in other cases where the user is a violent criminal, a human trafficker, a child predator, Apple’s decision has dangerous consequences for the public safety and the national security and is in my judgment unacceptable.” Conservative Americans disagree. William Barr certainly has his good points but he’s still a member of the DOJ, so we need to keep a sharp eye on him.


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