Company Is Relieving Stress by Giving 30min Breaks to Masturbate…Seriously…


One Barcelona-based company, run by a Swedish female CEO, wants everyone to give themselves a hand but they can use two if they want. Her employees each get 30 scheduled minutes of paid time in the firm’s “masturbation station.”

Her crew was a little tense and agitated, she noticed so made the suggestion. After all, May is officially considered “Masturbation Month.”

Getting off at company expense

Independent Adult filmmaker Erika Lust decided to launch an “unconventional” initiative to celebrate the special month by giving each and every one of her 36 employees a break to get off at company expense.

Not just during May, but all year long. She calls it an “attempt to normalize self-pleasure by making time for it in their daily schedules.”

“With the pandemic and the huge shift in how we live our lives,” Ms. Lust explains, “I began to notice that my employees had become somewhat agitated and were performing with less energy than before.”


She didn’t want limp and droopy employees so she decided to perk them up with a little “paddling the pink canoe,” or “spanking the monkey,” depending on preference. It’s good company policy she insists and everyone should offer it.

Erika knows how to keep a company productive. “I value my employees and I know that when they feel good, we do good work.

So, knowing that there’s only one thing that will make everyone feel good, I’ve set up a private masturbation station for them to enjoy.” How thoughtful. The employees seem to love it.


Creative juices flowing

The company official in charge of communications and content likes to get her creative juices flowing. According to “Cat,” it makes her purr. “Picture this: a team of happy employees with their creative juices flowing and being productive because they’ve had some time scheduled to make themselves feel good.”

She’s convinced a “masturbation break at work can result in more focus from your employees, less aggression, more productivity and better team work.”

Company companion Avril, who’s bio lists her as a “clinical sexologist and project manager of The P*rn Conversation” agrees completely. She butters her muffin every chance she gets. “Masturbation has been shown to not only make you happier, more relaxed and more focused, but it’s also good for creativity and increases your drive to get things done.”

Sure, it’s fun plus, “it releases endorphins, helps to decompress and relieves tension and stress. Basically, it’s the perfect medicine for a stressful day at work.”

Erika has gone out of her way to promote the idea, which she believes every company can benefit from, “calling for fellow business owners to follow in her footsteps.” As long as she doesn’t let her fingers do the walking.

Not only is she offering the breaks to her employees, they will be sharing their experiences on her official site. May is also Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness month, but that’s not nearly as much fun, which annoys “canaries” by “jacking” their special attention month.


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