Man Claims God Told Him to Murder His 9 Month Old Daughter


Cody Edmond Dixon Told Cops “God Told Him To Kill” His 9-Month Old Baby & Girlfriend

A Texas man is facing capital murder charges in the murder of his long time girlfriend and the couple’s 9 month old daughter. Cody Edmond Dixon,33, was arrested in Baird, Texas.

Dixon had two outstanding warrants for marijuana charges, as police were taking him into custody, he started to get excitable according to law enforcement. He told officers that he was being chased, and god told him to kill his girlfriend and baby.

Chief Deputy, Rick Jowers of the Callahan County Sheriff’s department is in charge of the investigation. A few minutes after Dixon’s arrest, 911 received a call from a nearby farmer.

The farmer stated that he found a women’s body on his property located between Baird and Putnum, Texas. A baby was found about 10 yards from where the woman’s body was found, thrown over a fence.

The bodies were identified as Alia Hutchinson,22, and the baby was identified as Aria Dixon. Her body was thrown over the fence into the farmer’s property. Authorities believe the mother and baby were killed about an hour before their remains were located.

Police Say He Stabbed His Girlfriend And Baby To Death After An Argument

Dixon told police that he a “bad fight” with Hutchinson, and he took out a pocket knife and stabbed her and Aria.

The family was living with Dixon’s sister in Baird, due to financial problems. The couple has a very volatile history, first living with his mother, When that didn’t work out he moved his family into the home of his sister.

The couple continued to battle over everything and things were not going well. Hutchinson grew up in Wisconsin, and moved to Texas to be with Baird only two months ago. Alia’s friend Sadie Wilson-Ziegler said that

“Alia was a very sweet happy girl, always smiling and enjoying her life and her daughter. She loved being a mom, that girl, she deserved so much better”

Dixon’s bail was set at 1.8 million dollars. Authorities spotted Dixon driving erratically in a truck about 12 miles from where the bodies were discovered. He jumped out of the truck. Police used a stun gun to subdue him and a citizen tackled Dixon until police caught up with him.

Dixon Told Police He Was Being Chased By A Man Trying To Kill Him

Police said Dixon said he was “being chased by someone that wanted to kill him”. He insisted God told him to kill Hutchinson and the baby, and he followed “God’s orders”.

Wilson-Ziegler told police that she, and Aria worked together at Richeliue Foods in Beaver Dam Wisconsin. She said Aria only moved to Texas to be with Dixon, Wilson-Ziegler said the couple had been together for about 3 years.

Furthermore, law enforcement believes that the couple, and the baby were in route to Wisconsin since things weren’t working out at the home of Dixon’s sister. It was on the ride back to Wisconsin that Dixon decided to attack Hutchinson and their baby.


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