CNN Reporter Sends Nasty Reagan Tweet, Then Deletes It

This man should be fired for this.

Ronald Reagan Library

We live in a world where liberals believe they can do and say anything they want without repercussions.

When they do something offensive, in their eyes, simply deleting the comment is all you need to erase history.

While I was scrolling through Twitter today looking for articles, I found a tweet by Keith Boykin.

The tweet was disturbing due to the text by Boykin, which stated, “For those who think God punishes sinners with natural disasters.”

The picture showed the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library being threatened by California wildfires…

Sad State of Journalism

In essence, Boykin was celebrating the possibility of the Reagan library being burned.

There are not only irreplaceable presidential memorabilia in that library but both Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan are also buried there.

Even for a liberal, this is a disturbing thought process.

However, in Boykin’s haste to create a tweet that would generate thousands of likes and retweets, he forgot one thing…

California is packed with liberals, thousands of whom have been impacted by these fires.

Uber-liberal NBA star LeBron James was even forced to leave his home due to these fires.

So, if God is punishing sinners, is Ronald Reagan merely collateral damage in an effort to rid the earth of thousands of liberals?

You see, liberals like Boykin are so short-sighted, they fail to grasp the overall picture.

These fires are not something to take joy from because they are negatively impacting tens of thousands of people, thousands of Americans.

Bill Maher is another example… a man that has openly hoped for a recession simply to get Trump out of the White House.

Think about that… the man is literally wishing for the financial ruin of millions of Americans because he does not like our president.

Boykin is a coward as well as being a despicable human being.

If he wanted to make a statement like that, at least have the courage to leave it up.

And, if you are going to delete it, have enough honor and respect for your profession and the people of this country to apologize for having posted it in the first place.

Boykin did neither… he simply deleted the tweet and now he is just going to pretend it never happened.


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