CNN Refuses To Air Trump Ad, Another MSM Attempt at Controlling America


CNN Has Refused To Air A Trump Campaign Ad That Accuses Foe Biden Of Corruption

CNN is showing their bias yet one more time as they refuse to allow a Trump campaign ad criticizing former Vice President Joe Biden. The ad highlights the latest controversy swirling around the Biden presidential campaign.

Trump’s ad clearly illustrates how Biden, while he was the VP volleyed very hard for a Ukrainian prosecutor to be fired. The prosecutor Viktor Shokin, was investigating ‘Burisma Holdings’ a Ukrainian Gas company, that employed Biden’s son Hunter in a cushy consultant position.

Biden allegedly wanted Shokin fired so the investigation into Burisma would end. In an interview with Fox News back in September, Biden claims he never ‘once discussed his son’s employment with him’.

Trump and others in the GOP are not buying Biden’s denials, they say it’s just a little ‘too coincidental’. CNN has formally denied that the ad will not be aired simply because it accuses Biden of corruption. They say the primary reason the ad will not air, is because it says disparaging remarks about CNN employees.

Scathing Portrait Of Biden’s Corruptions While Key Player Of The Obama Administration

The Trump campaign ad details Biden’s time in the Obama Administration, and says that he used his power to enhance his own interests. It points out other instances where Biden helped his son Hunter Biden, with his Ukraine and China dealings.

The ad doesn’t shy away from Trump’s own current impeachment situation. The ad addresses the infamous July 25 call he made to the newly elected President of the Ukraine. Trump said it’s his job as the President to investigate political corruption.

When he asked President Zelensky to look into Biden’s link to the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor it was his duty to find out. The ad says,

“Joe Biden promised Ukraine 1 Billion dollars to fire Shokin. But when President Trump asks the Ukraine to investigate corruption, the Democrats want to impeach him”

Trump’s Campaign Ad Names CNN Anchors Who Have Shown Political Bias Against Him

The ad goes on to lambaste CNN anchors and others who have been critical of President Trump since day one. Images of CNN anchors Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Jim Acosta, Rachel Maddow of MSNB are displayed on the ad.

The narrator says, “They lost the election, now they want to steal this one, don’t let them.” When the Trump Campaign tried to buy air time on CNN to run the ad, they said, “it disparages CNN employees, and states Biden allegations as facts, that have not been proven”.

They sent the campaign a letter in writing stating the reasons why they are turning down the request to buy air time. CNN claims they,

“can not run an ad on their network that disparages it’s own employees. Also the assertions made in the ad against Biden have been proven false by several news outlets including CNN”

The Trump campaign said ‘CNN is basically on Biden’s payroll, running cover for him and other Democrats.’ Furthermore, Trump’s campaign said the ad will run, and the corruption will be exposed’.



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