CNN Caught Red-Handed Pushing Fake News… Again

CNN Fake News Headline

The hope by the media that Democrats will be able to impeach Trump has run rampant since Trump took office.

The one network that has led this movement against Trump has been CNN.

On Wednesday, the network could not wait to blast a headline that Democrats finally had Trump.

So, after Ambassador Sondland gave his testimony, CNN put up a banner headline reading, “Witness Implicates Trump.”

More Fake News

If you watched the hearing on Wednesday, you know the headline is extremely misleading.

If not, let me fill you in very quickly…

Ambassador Sondland started off with an opening statement saying there was quid pro quo.

However, he also expressed that the idea of the quid pro quo came from Rudy Giuliani, NOT Trump.

Sondland made the presumption that Giuliani was giving him direction based on Trump’s orders.

The ambassador had also testified that Trump never told him directly that either the meeting or the investigations were tied to those two items.

Now, if you heard the testimony, you probably thought, as I did, that if anyone was implicated, it would have been Rudy Giuliani, not Trump.

Another Thing…

Something else that I have picked up throughout these hearings is that even when Giuliani was discussing these matters, it was always what was wanted, not what was demanded.

That may usually be argued as semantics, but in the case of an impeachment, the direct wording is extremely important.

None of this seems to matter to most media outlets, however, because they want Trump impeached just as much as Democrats too.

The fact of the matter is Americans simply cannot trust the mainstream media to tell them the truth.



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