CNN Analyst Slams Dems for Criticizing Strike That Killed General Soleimani

CNN Analyst
Photo via Fox News Video Screenshot

According to Trump administration officials, the Iranian General killed in the most recent strike by the United States was responsible for roughly 17 percent of the deaths of American troops in the Middle East.

He was the leader of a terrorist organization and deserved to die…  yet Dems are slamming Trump over the attack.

Their outrage resulted in CNN military analyst, retired Major General James A. Marks, telling Democrats upset about the attack to “be quiet.”

Just Shut Up Already

Quite frankly, it is shocking that the hatred of Donald Trump by the left outweighs the need to do the right thing.

This was a high-value target of a terrorist organization, and now he is dead.

This is just as big as Obama taking out Bin Laden, but the Dems don’t see it that way.

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) was among the top Dems expressing outrage over the killing of Soleimani.

While I can understand the concerns of heightened tensions, Democrats need to understand that we simply cannot allow Iran to sit back and carry out these attacks against our people with no response.

Iran already considers us a prime target, so this attack, if anything, will serve as a deterrent (even though I firmly believe Iran will continue to conduct attacks regardless to lure us into a war). 

When Trump responded to the attack that killed a U.S. contractor, Iran vowed to retaliate.

Soleimani was no doubt the general tasked with carrying out that strike, so this was a pre-emptive strike to prevent it.

Senator Murphy’s comments were typical of the outrage from the left, and General Marks had heard enough.

He stated, “What I would say to Senator Murphy is, why don’t you just be quiet.

“Look, when has Iran ever demonstrated self-restraint? I mean, that’s the question I have. So, is the world more dangerous today? Maybe it’s more dangerous, but when has it not been dangerous?

“When have we not been a target of a regime like exists in Tehran? I mean, it happens as a matter of routine.”

General Marks called out the brazenness of Soleimani to travel to Baghdad to get a status update on the attack against our embassy without thinking the U.S. would try to take him out.

He stated, “This opportunity presented itself and I’m certain what happened was the president made the determination ‘let’s pull the trigger now.’

“And I would say it’s not causally linked to what occurred at the U.S. Embassy a few days before, other than he happened to be there checking up on what was taking place.”

The General’s take on this is dead on.

We may have been hours or just days away from an Iranian strike that would have led us into a conflict, this way, Trump gives them a little something to think about before they pull the trigger again.

As I stated before, nobody wants war, but we cannot allow Iran to run roughshod over us either.