CNN Admits Trump Getting Railroaded by Sloppy Impeachment

Photo via GOP Twitter Video Screenshot

Earlier today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the House was going to move forward and present articles of impeachment to the House.

She did so with a partisan move that even liberal outlets are starting to question.

Tough Road Ahead for Dems

In the early days of the impeachment process, liberal networks offered wall-to-wall coverage.

Over the last week or so, though, the steam has been taken out of the movement.

It is so bad, in fact, even the team at CNN is starting to question the validity of the impeachment as well as the impact of Pelosi being the face of the movement…

Too Late Now…

Up until about 9:00 a.m. this morning, Democrats could have still saved face.

In an effort to get past all of this, party leadership could have decided to issue a censure and call it a day.

Republicans still would have been upset, but they would have welcomed that as a way to get this country moving forward again.

Now, though, with the articles of impeachment having been introduced, Democrats have dug themselves a hole from which they may not be able to dig out.

Even after days of having proven the Democrats cherry-picked Trump’s Article II quote, Adam Schiff still referred to it in when he took the dais today.

This means the Dems are literally hanging part of their impeachment hopes on one-line that has been removed from an entire response by Trump, taken completely out of context, to suit their narrative. 

Articles of impeachment are supposed to be powerful documents, but these documents are going to read like a  Stephen King novel… pure fiction.

While everyone fully expects the vote in the House to be a mere formality, that may not actually be the case.

Some Democrats have already come forward to say they will not vote for it and others, while not identifying themselves, have also expressed doubt.

If this does pass the House, it will do so with the slimmest of margins as well as having zero Republican support.

Judiciary House Chairman Jerry Nadler, during the Clinton impeachment, warned of carrying out a partisan impeachment and the damaging effect it can have on a country.

Just listen to what Democrats said during the Clinton impeachment and compare it to what they are saying about Trump…

Yet, here he sits as the actual architect of the impeachment articles where he does not even have the full support of his own party.

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  1. You see it correctly. As we listened to the debate on the two articles of impeachment, it became very clear that the Dems have NOTHING. Perhaps CNN does not want their audience to be able to see this and therefore are reducing their coverage and showing only the lies.
    It is clear that Trump did NOT do anything that could even be interpreted as obstruction or abuse of power. Everything he did was legal! With three branches of government with equal power, the president MUST protect the integrity of the presidency with his attorney/ client confidentiality by using Executive Privilege. If the House believes their subpoena over-rides Executive Privilege, then their only option is to let the judiciary branch rule on it. The Dems refused to do this since they knew they would not prevail and instead made this one of their impeachment articles: “Obstruction of Congress”, which is totally wrong.
    Likewise the abuse of power is total bunk, when Trump called the President of the Ukraine and asked for a favor for “us” to investigate corruption in the Ukraine involving Hunter Biden, he was representing the United States, and it was not a personal request.
    The U.S. has a mutual agreement between the U.S. and the Ukraine to work together to investigate corruption. It was therefore Trump’s obligation to follow-through on corruption investigations of any type including Hunter Biden. If it involves Joe Biden, then it will show up as part of the investigation.
    It is hard to believe that any of the house members sitting on the bubble would put their name on this vote for impeachment when there is absolutely nothing behind the accusations. If they vote for this, then they need to be voted out ASAP.


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