CNN Accidentally Reports the Truth, Then Walks it Back

CNN chyron changed from
CNN chyron changed from "violent protests" to "protests" within 15 seconds

CNN quickly changed a chyron mid-segment Monday afternoon when one of their writers accidentally described the true nature of the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

CNN’s Honest Statement

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was speaking with correspondent Omar Jimenez about the protests of the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha. Underneath them was a chyron which stated “8PM curfew ordered after violent protests over police shooting of unarmed black man in Wisconsin”.

Within 15 seconds, the chyron was removed, and replaced with the same sentence, although it was missing one crucial word: violent.

Violent is the word that the left-wing media and Democrats have been trying so hard not to say, unless it was in relation to people attempting to fight back against the rioters.

As most Americans have seen, through pictures and videos posted online of the chaos, the protests in Kenosha have become riots. Earlier Monday morning, mobs had set an entire car dealership and a church on fire.

Officers and firefighters have attempted to respond to the chaos, but have been relatively unsuccessful so far. Firefighters have been shown on video attempting to put out the blaze that destroyed many businesses, but there doesn’t seem to be enough manpower to handle the amount of damage inflicted by the riots.

Andy Ngo, editor of the Post Millennial, has been reporting on the rioters, looters, and the damage that they have caused around the country. He tweeted a video of the fires in Kenosha:


CNN completely ignores the violence and destruction, choosing to continue pushing the left-wing narrative of “mostly peaceful protests”.

CNN’s Other Chyron Mistake

Later in the week, CNN made another mistake with their chyron. Omar Jimenez, who is in Kenosha to cover the protests, was shown standing in front of a burning car lot, with the chyron below him reading: “Fiery but mostly peaceful protests after police shooting”. The absurdity of the statement juxtaposed with the background led many conservatives to take to Twitter to denounce CNN:


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