Clinton’s May Finally Get What They Have Coming After Video From Their Past Surfaces


Due to ongoing opposition research in the Clinton’s, some new troubling details have emerged about the couple’s dirty dealings.

The researched entailed going way back to when the Clinton’s were both in Arkansas, when Bill Clinton was the governor. The most recent revelations revolve around long held accusations of Bill’s connection to Jefferey Epstein, and pedophilia activities.

The investigation not only reveals Bill Clinton’s dark side, but also suggests that Hillary Clinton could have been involved in sex trafficking.

The new details of the Clinton’s involved them and other high profile Democrats. Dr. Phil conducted an interview with a young woman named, Kendall.

The girl, who used the pseudonym on the Dr. Phil show, ‘claimed that she was repeatedly raped by high ranking politicians.

Dr. Phil informed his studio audience that ‘Kendall’ was given a polygraph and she passed it. The girl, ‘Kendall’ said she was forced into sexual slavery, when she was just a young girl. She said the people that were forced on her, were all politicians.

Dr. Phil Uncovered A Secretive World Of Sex Child Ring that Permeates Within The Democratic Party.

‘Kendall’ said during her interviews with Dr. Phil. that the only “reason she was even born, was so that she could be sold into sexual slavery”.

The claims the young woman makes are extremely disturbing and alarming. Dr. Phil believes she is credible, based on the research his producers did.

Many of ‘Kendall’s’ claims were able to be independently verified. The activities ‘Kendall’ says she was subjected to were ‘old hat’ by the time she was two. Many of the claims are details too horrific for even the most outrageous horror story.

She said that several children were regularly being raped at age five. Kendall remembers being sold to the most prominent men and women around the world.

‘Kendall’ Says She Doesn’t Know Her Exact Age Or Birthday

‘Kendall’ told Dr. Phil, that she has been a sex slave for her entire life. Being passed around to owners of sports teams, high ranking law enforcement officials, and some of the most recognized politicians of our time.

Paul Joseph Watson of ‘Infowars’ substantiated many of ‘Kendall’s’ claims. He said most people will think this can’t be going on by people in elected office. People in power that are in office to protect citizens. But sadly Watson says the world is being run by a ‘well oiled machine made up of prominent Clinton allies’.

Video that Watson was able to uncover suggests that these allegations are true, and more disturbing, known to authorities.

Since President Trump assumed office, there has been a record number of sex rings that have been uncovered.

With the ring leaders led out of their nests in handcuffs, Watson says the Clinton’s are predominantly seen throughout the videos and are mentioned in the newly acquired information about their ‘salacious’ activities…

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  1. Does anyone have any doubt that the Clintons are involved. .. I mean really all these years with women saying how dirty bill touch them and more . What is it now … 28 women ? . Now we find out who is the real dirty people are in our government . All this crying about trump and nothing to prove it … now this about the one who did the most crying . Well we know why she said everything about trump … to win …. lIke she could every win lol . I may be a deplorable but I never raped kids . You Sick f#cker

  2. God knows. God has let us all have free will and He has seen the choices we make. Not one of us, from the time of Adam and Eve to our time is getting away with anything. He is allowing all to be exposed, for all to see. It shows how we as a human race can sin and begin to lose all compassion, caring, and love for our fellowman…including children. With all that we humans have done, God still loves us, but change has got to come into the hearts of all humans. If not, then as a good father, our butts are going to be whipped if that’s the only way we will learn to listen to God.


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