Clinton Flees After DOJ Opens New Investigation


Department Of Justice Opens Probe Into Hillary Clinton, Suddenly She and Obama Leave the Country

The DOJ announced that they will be taking another look at Hillary Clinton’s ‘email server’ scandal. She is apparently unfazed, and has been spotted shopping and visiting with friends in Canada.

A source with credible knowledge said that Clinton was offered a plea bargain. The deal would have got Clinton off the hook for much of her wrong doings involving releasing classified information, by having her emails on an unsecured private server.

According to the source, a member of Clinton’s legal team has been quietly negotiating with the DOJ on Clinton’s behalf. The entire matter is being handled on the ‘down low’ for now, the DOJ would prefer Clinton admit guilt, take the penalty so the matter could be ‘put to bed’.

Sources are Confident Clinton is Guilty

The source confirms that the DOJ is confident that if they pursue the matter in court, they can get a conviction, against Obama’s former Secretary of State. However they made it clear, they want to handle the situation ‘quietly and delicately’.

The Plea Deal Offered To Clinton Involves Admitting To Being A Criminal. The deal the DOJ offered Clinton, would basically have her admitting to her guilt in the email server controversy.

If Clinton takes the deal she would have to admit to several instances of illegal activity. A few Washington insiders believe that this is Trump’s way of getting Clinton to admit she’s a criminal, so she steps out of the political arena once and for all.

The agreement would also put an end to further investigations dealing with ‘The Clinton Foundation’. The Clinton’s have been accused of funneling illegal money into their ‘non profit’ and making millions upon millions of dollars for Bill Clinton’s speaking engagements.

Obama Remains Silent

Obama has also been relatively quiet lately as an investigation into Susan Rice is in full swing. He had been spotted in Indonesia, with former Washington associates of his. There have been several investigations that have been opened up lately, and they center around several issues from the Obama Administration.

Former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch Is Also Being Investigated. The time of the odd travels of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is interesting as renewed interest in their old demons surface.

Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch on a tarmac in a private area of an airport is still very much suspect. That meeting happened in Phoenix, Arizona in 2016.

It was blazing hot outside over 110 degrees, but that didn’t stop Clinton from pursuing Lynch at ‘the Sky Harbour Airport’ in Phoenix.

The DOJ that Lynch was heading in 2016 was actively investigating Clinton’s email scandal. Lynch recalled after the fact that she wanted to go, and get on with her day.

However the former President would not let her leave until he discussed his point of view over the investigation. One of President’s Trump’s lawyers reportedly, ‘has an email that contains evidence of collusion between Obama and a rep for Lynch’.


  1. I will be very angry if a sweetheart deal like this were to be concluded with a Clinton. I want the traitor to drop from scaffold and straight into deepest HELL.

  2. Don’t like Hillary or any of her relatives, but, if offering her a plea deal would get rid of this mess it probably would go a long way in healing the rift in the country, and would put her out of the way, and her babble would be meaningless to everyone and not just to those who don’t like her.

  3. NO plea bargains or deals, put her in prison where she belongs. Then go after Hussein, Rice and Lynch, make examples out of them for future angry country hating progressives making a mockery of our countries laws.

  4. I’ll believe it when I see it. We’ve been let down too often to get excited about Hillary going down.( that doesn’t read well, does it)


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