Church Rejoices and Celebrates Record Number Of Baptism’s at One Time ‘Spiritual Revival’


A church saw a huge number of people baptized took place on September 12 in California. 

Church Sees 1,000 Baptized in One Day

Calvary Chapel Church held an outdoor baptism where 1,000 people where these individuals made a public declaration of their commitment to Jesus Christ.

Democrat politicians, particularly California Governor Gavin Newsom, have been persecuting Christians across the state and country.

Shutting down churches, threatening congregations with jail time, and hefty fines have been handed down by Newsom.

Churches Defy Democrats’ Orders

Well, the church held the event at Corona Del Mar State Beach in Newport Beach.

Church Director Gina Gleason told CBN News that “California may be experiencing a spiritual revival.”

She continued to say that normally it is around 300 people who are candidates for baptism, but this time the numbers were staggering.


“It’s remarkable and a significant number,” she added.

“I was baptized together with my wife, and the heartfelt blessing that Pastor Jack gave us is one that I will carry with me throughout my life,” one man wrote on Instagram. “Such a wonderful day. Praise our Lord and Savior Jesus.”

Another woman added, “A day full of memories I will always cherish. My two older boys getting baptized!”

Churches across the liberal-controlled state are standing up for their First Amendment rights despite severe persecution from politicians.

Christians Fighting for the First Amendment

ABC News 7 reported: Pasadena-based Harvest Rock Church and Harvest International Ministry Inc. allege in a federal civil complaint against Newsom that the ban violates the right to religious freedom clause of the First Amendment, and the “cherished liberties for which so many have fought and died.”

 Other churches and pastors have followed suit and are being fined and threatened with jail time.

Despite severe persecution from Democrats, many Christians are not letting fear deter them from sticking to their beliefs, as seen by the 1,000 people who were baptized on Saturday.


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