Christopher Wallace Makes Menacing Statement About Kayleigh McEnany (Watch)


Chris Wallace is so nervous he went on the attack, with a menacing statement warning Kayleigh McEnany she’s in for a scuffle if she ever tries to cross his path. Along with the rest of the left-leaning media, Wallace is having a total meltdown over the new White House press secretary. The talking heads are pining for the days when they could kick Stephanie Gresham around for the press briefings she didn’t have.

Kayleigh McEnany scares reporters with the facts

“If Kayleigh McEnany had told Sam Donaldson and me what questions we should ask, that would not have gone well,” Christopher Wallace threatened on Fox News Sunday. The liberal microphone jockeys are acting like she peed in the White House press pool. The shocking way she stands up for President Donald Trump and his administration is “indefensible and grotesque,” Jonah Goldberg replied to his progressive cohort.

When McEnany gets behind the podium, she doesn’t stand there like a deer in headlights while talking heads have their verbal way with her. As The New York Post explains, she “steamrolls, she dodges, she lectures reporters on the questions they should be asking.” Reporters don’t like it when their victim doesn’t play along.

The media feels threatened when the administration stands up and fights back. They’re used to browbeating “polite” media relations officials. Until the new sheriff rode into town, their standard procedure was a harsh barrage of loaded questions. Each one seems to follow a standard formula. “As you know, things are terrible, and it’s your fault, care to comment?” “Yes, I would,” McEnany replies. Then proceeds to rip the reporter to shreds.

It’s not about the First Amendment

Yes, it’s true that the media has the First Amendment right to say anything they want to say. It can be as inflammatory and misleading as they like. It doesn’t even need to be true. However, there’s not a single word in the Constitution that says a White House press secretary needs to be polite.


The way she handled the briefing about going back to church was a prime example. President Donald Trump officially declared houses of worship as “essential services.” Reporters characterized it as the kiss of death so McEnany called them out about it, observing, they “wanted to see churches remain closed.”

Ben Tracy from CBS grilled, “If a governor does not allow that, does the White House support churches that defy these executive orders?” She shot back, “The president has been very clear. He wants to see churches reopen in accordance with these guidelines.” That wasn’t good enough for CBS. “The answer is yes?” Tracy taunted. She wasn’t about to fall into that trap. “I gave you an answer, and the president would like to do it in accordance with the CDC guidelines.”

Boy, is it interesting

“The president will strongly encourage every governor to allow their churches to reopen, and boy, it is interesting to be in a room that desperately wants to seem to see these churches and houses of worship stay closed.” That made Jeff Mason from Reuters turn purple.

“I object to that,” he fumed. “I go to church. I’m dying to go back to church. The question we are asking you and would have liked to have asked the president and Dr. [Deborah] Birx is, is it safe? If it is not safe, is the president trying to encourage that, or does the president agree with Dr. Birx that people should wait.” The outburst didn’t phase Kayleigh McEnany. She didn’t even blink.

“Jeff, it is safe to reopen your churches and you do so in accordance with the guidelines which are laid out in very stringent detail here” thumbing through a whole stack of guidelines for emphasis. “The same amendment that gives you all the ability to ask me questions is there to have the freedom of worship, so imams and pastors can go to their churches, go to their places of worship, and can celebrate what is a First Amendment right in this country, which is to pray to your God and to practice your faith.”


  1. Rock on Kayleigh,
    This freedom for anyone to speak their mind seems to be reserved for the press corp. How dare anyone give them a dose of their own medicine. All of us seem to have forgotten the phrase that can level the field. To say that we have agreed to disagree at times blunts the sharp jabs and elbows but does little to remind us of civil disagreement and the degree to which we allow another to go. Because we disagree does not open the door for insults or demeaning comments. At times, it appears that some who disagree have little interest in truth, only their ” hurt feelings”. If ones agenda is to ” be right “, yet fail to understand the right of another, then the desire to win seems to be at any cost. Civility be damned????????

  2. Chris Wallace is way too biased to be on Fox News. He is made it clear by his questions and statements that he hates President Trump and those who support him. How long is Fox going to put up with his “never Trumpism?” They need to get rid of him now.

  3. Alright then take the gloves off and get down to slander charges. The media would have to shut down. You don`t like what you have been dishing out too bad. You called out the problem? It`s time to die Chris Wallace. I remember the old days when people reported the news not made it up for sensationalism.

    • Due to our current laws, it’s VERY difficult for a public personality or politician to win in a defamation lawsuit. They practically have to look into the psyche of libelers and slanderers to prevail.

      When Pres. Trump first came into office, he mentioned those laws should be changed. But that won’t happen until the SOCIALIST Democrat tyrants win and permanently secure ALL FOUR (MSM being one of them) branches of government and use the laws to silence the opposition.

  4. As much as I favor Fox News I have to admit Chris Wallace is a damn fool. Most Fox followers do not approve of his behavior and fail to understand why this jerk is still on their payroll. He omits certain things we know are true and he doesn’t stay informed of what even his own fellow hosts and reporters are aware of…what gives??

    • I always thought his father, Mike Wallace, was the poorest journalist I’d ever witnessed. His son, little chrissy, however, far surpasses him as a jerk, crybaby & biased moron.

  5. I’ll put my money on Kayleigh over Chris. She’ll kick him in the nads in order to get his attention before finishing him off with a blitzkrieg of facts. She’s one tough broad & Chris is a wimp.

  6. Wallace is deep state liberal and it shows. God forbid they be schooled if fair and balanced. Wallace needs to go to cnn. The commie news that is what he spewing

  7. chris wallace is not his father. he is a political hack deep state shadow government stooge. now he is bullying girls. time to send fox packing and go to ”” or newsMax…..or OAN , time to leave fox along with the rest Of msm

  8. He’s sounds real tough when dealing with a young lady. But he’d fold like a cheap suit if confronted by her, arm with the truth. Unlike the lies He’s always spewing. He needs to go away like Donaldson.

  9. Now I do not think the Constitution says one word about Churches getting special privileges or being essential in any way, now if a health professional thinks church attendance is a threat to the health of the community the Constitution does say they have a right to protect the population.

  10. Oh Chris, baby, transfer over to CNN which is where you belong. Shame on you for being blind to the truth and not a reporter, at the least, try to be a reporter. Ooh, rock on Kayleigh, since these reporters need hearing aids because they continually nag by asking the same question you just answered over and over again. Are they being paid too cheap to not hear what you just said and move on to the next question and refuse to buy some hearing aids, one for each ear is apparently needed. Obviously you democrats are pissed Kayleigh is so accomplished, does her research work on what is going on today and knows the truth about what is going on today and yesterday and before months ago and knows you will be asking about what is going on. Love Kayleigh, most perfect person to be standing there for President Trump, actually for any president but we want her for President Trump.

  11. It’s time for Chris Wallace to be gone how dare him threaten Kayleigh Mc Gnany she is the White house press secretary. He is only a low life news reporter and can’t even do that.

  12. Chris Wallace has gotten to be a joke. I don’t know why he’s still with FOX. He belongs in CNN or MSNBC when he’s on I turn him off. I think he thinks he’s like his father. Well he’s not! FOX is changing I really hate to see it happening.Pretty soon you are only going to get what the LEFT WANTS YOU TO KNOW. I’m now 71 I hate to think what kinda country my great grandchildren are going to live in. It won’t be The United States that I love so much. The left is trying so hard to killer her. God help us!

  13. Chris Wallace is being the jerk off in this. She has been telling the truth, dealing out honestly and truthfully. Chris is being a media smart arse and looks like the fool he must be.

  14. McEnany is absolutely AWESOME !!!… She’s a firecracker and they will NOT walk on her… Love how she repeatedly SHUTS DOWN LOWLIFE FAKE NEWS ACOSTA AND CNN…


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