Christmas Truce is Over… Trump Comes Out Firing at Pelosi

Donald Trump-1
Photo via Fox News Video Screenshot

After laying low for a few days at Mar-a-Lago to enjoy the holidays, President Trump came out swinging this morning.

Trump hit Pelosi hard for holding the articles of impeachment on Twitter as well as sending her over another message.

Getting Leverage

Most believe that Pelosi is holding the articles of impeachment to try to gain some type of leverage over the Republican-run Senate.

To this point, Senate Majority Leader McConnell (R-KY) has not hinted that he is willing to bend on anything right now.

However, Trump may be the one that loses patience.

Trump clearly wants his day in court and the only way he can do that is if they hold a full trial in the Senate.

Some pundits believe that if Pelosi holds out long enough, it will be Donald Trump himself that causes McConnell to cave and give in to the demands of Democrats.

Based on Trump’s tweets, they might be right…

Challenging Pelosi

Trump has never been a very patient man, but if he wants to win this battle, he is going to need to cool his heels and allow this to play out.

What was good to see in these tweets, however, is the highlighting of the problems in Nancy Pelosi’s district as well as inviting someone to challenge her.

Pelosi has been a fixture in her district for more than three decades, so perhaps the people are ready for some change.

At the very least, getting a primary challenger in there would begin to bring to the national spotlight some of the problems Pelosi has in her district.

It would also eat up some of that war chest, giving her less to spend during the general election when, hopefully, a Trump supporter puts her popularity to a test.


  1. Oh nobody’s going to seriously challenge Pelosi. She’s make her millions and now it only for the power. She’ll get toilet paper dispensers on every street corner, except, of course, her custom built, heavily protected elite neighborhood. Let’s not forget the needle dispensers too.

  2. PRESIDENT Trump doe not need to prove his innocence to those who are his followers Therefore he should let the investigators prove he did nothing wrong. Any witnesses or testimony at a hearing will only be warped by the D’genrats and the Fellatiocrat media as being fabricated anyway . . . .If the media were honest to begin with the impeachment would never have happened. We as voters who have supported PRESIDENT Trump in the past do not need any testimony to proove his innocence and Any testimony proving his innocence wil be rejected by the media anyway so why give them the satisfaction of an open “trial’?


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