Chris Wray Ghosts Questions About Flynn Case, GOP Demands Answers


Christopher Wray turned into a ghost when Republican lawmakers demanded to know why he hasn’t been doing his job. He refused to answer a letter from Jim Jordan of Ohio and his Louisiana colleague Mike Johnson. He went white as a sheet when they asked him to set up an interrogation session with the agents who entrapped Michael Flynn, then faded into a crack. They were forced to walk right through him and write to Joe Pientka and Bill Priestap directly. They also want to know why the public “is learning of the FBI’s misconduct with respect to Flynn from court filings,” instead of from the FBI’s top spook.

Does Chris Wray know his job description?

Jordan and Johnson had to write a second letter on Monday to request the same two interviews. The one they wrote to the Federal Bureau of Instigation’s chief instigator was ignored. This time they wrote directly to FBI agent Joe Pientka and former bureau counterintelligence director Bill Priestap. They apologized for bypassing their chain of command but their boss seems to be out to lunch. “Because Director Wray has declined to respond to our request, we are forced to write to you directly,” they explained.

Over two weeks ago, on May 4, they asked Wray point blank in the first letter when he “personally knew of the FBI’s misconduct” with respect to the Flynn investigation. What they are really anxious to know is why the public “is learning of the FBI’s misconduct with respect to [National Security Advisor Lieutenant General Micheal] Flynn from court filings rather than from you.”

The alleged Director of the FBI “declined to respond,” which is a polite way of saying he “exercised his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.” America has seen the smoking gun notes that prove Flynn was set up. The bureau plotted to “get him to lie.” The notes were written after a clandestine coup plot cell meeting between Priestap, Andrew McCabe, and James Comey, right before Trump was sworn in.

Russians accused of Democrat crimes

Routine surveillance picked up Flynn talking to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. The Ambassador was hopping mad that Barack Obama slapped sanctions on Russia for interfering in the election. What was most likely an inside job at the DNC to liberate Hillary Clinton’s emails was falsely blamed on them. Slapping them with sanctions for a crime committed by the Democrats in America just wasn’t fair. Flynn told them not to worry about it. Eventually, that got blown out of proportion to Flynn promised the Russians he would lift the Obama sanctions. Obamagate was born.

Priestap’s handwritten notes, which the Department of Injustice only recently found under the couch cushions where they were lost for two years, show they intentionally set Flynn up to lie to the FBI. They charged him under a law that nobody in history has ever been convicted of because it is so vague. Charges have since been dropped.

The FBI lied in a recent statement to the press, right around the same time the first letter went out. “Under Director Wray’s leadership, the FBI has fully cooperated and been transparent.” So transparent that Christopher Wray turned into a ghost.



  1. Now where exactly is there any proof from the FBI records that prove the FBI acted illegally in the Flynn investigation. Now the IG investigation said only 17 MINOR INFRACTIONS were found and none of them would effect the out come of the invesstigation.

      • Exactly the crooked former director is still walking and getting away with his crimes after Donald Trump FIRE James Comey .

      • Christopher Asher Wray is not the problem .
        The crooked former director and his former agents are walking and getting away with their crimes . Donald Trump fired James Comey . Why is christopher Asher Wray being to blame for these crooks

    • The so-called “Swamp” still runs things, why is McCabe still at his job, when he’s a proven liar under oath? If they can get away with what they did to an innocent General that they aren’t even worthy to tie his shoe-laces, just think what they can and have done to regular citizens who may have been innocent, but didn’t have the money to fight these evil phonies. I would bet they have by far bigger bank accounts and property, than their salaries would allow.

  2. Maybe he is thinking that if he ignores their legal requests they will simply go away. In most jobs, failing to discharge one’s sworn duties is ample evidence of lack of ability to do that job and usually results in removal from that job. Of course in most corporate environments, that person has a golden (or platinum) parachute clause in their contract. I wonder what his is.

  3. Why is Mr. Wray still there? I cannot understand it, he hasn’t the gonads to stand up to the Deep State or maybe he is part of it. Pres. Trump fire him immediately.

    • That’s my question too Doreen. yet McCabe is still there, these people destroyed the image the FBI had with the majority of, it goes all the way back to Robert Mueller.

  4. President Trump should fire Christopher Wray for not doing his job. How did Wray end up with this job anyway? He seems to have been asleep at the wheel ever since he took over for Comey. I agreed with Trump firing Comey but question if he made the right decision in hiring Christopher Wray. So far, that seems to be a poor personnel decision on a par with choosing Jeff Sessions as sttorney general. Thank God he lucked out with his selection of Bill Barr as Sessions’ replacement.

    • Stop manipulating Christopher Asher Wray . He’s 100 times better than the crooked former agents . Trump fired James Comey from the agency so why is that crooked man still walking , just like the rest of crooked agents of their damn crimes .

  5. Christopher Asher Wray does his job investigating liars who deny the truth of their crooked organized crime . Crooked former agents who lie to cover up their crimes does make investigation difficult to complete . Mr. Wray spends all his time at the agency for long hours trying to get his investigations done . Chris. A . Wray is not to blame for these liars crimes .


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