Child Tells His Parents He Sees a Stranger Every Night, Then They Setup a Camera

Hacked Baby Monitor
Photo via KIRO 7 Video Screenshot

With today’s technology, you can just never truly know your “privacy” is not being violated, a lesson a couple learned all too well.

The couple’s son told them he was hearing voices at night, talking specifically to him.

They were both confused and concerned when he first came to them, but that concern and confusion soon turned to feelings of shock and outrage.

The Voices Are Real

Before you go any further, this is not a crazy ghost story, but the story of a young couple who had their baby monitor hacked.

Initially concerned about their three-year-old son’s claims, they decided to keep watch of him with their baby monitor.

Little did they know, it was that monitor that was actually the cause of the voices.

Someone had hacked their way into the monitor and was speaking to the boy at night.


When the father came into the room to check it out, he heard a voice saying, “Wake up little boy, daddy’s looking for you.”

Believe it or not, this is not an uncommon story.

There are stories about baby monitors being hacked all over the internet.

The Huffington Post reported a story of an Indiana couple that heard songs coming from their baby monitor, then they heard what they thought were sexual noises.

In 2015, Rapid7, an internet security company, conducted a mass study of nine different baby monitors that could be connected to the Internet.

They found that all but one of them was vulnerable to hacking.

You can take measures to prevent hacking, such as using a VPN, but these hackers are determined if nothing else.

So, if you purchase a baby monitor, make sure you investigate it completely to ensure it is not hackable or you may not be the only one watching your child at night.


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