CDC Gets Fact Checked By State of Florida


If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, the old adage goes, then baffle them with bull crap. The CDC is taking that approach. The same way the climate scientists “adjusted” temperature readings until the data fit their model, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are changing the statistics coming out of Florida in an obvious attempt to make the Governor look bad. He’s not standing for it.

CDC reports fake numbers

The Florida Department of Health is furious over the way the CDC fudged statistics numbers which “amplified false information about the COVID-19 surge” there.

Imperial Leader Joe Biden and the Palace have been on the offensive targeting conservative Governor Ron DeSantis for daring to display “leadership” by refusing to follow their draconian guidelines.

If the CDC had been telling the truth, then it “would have set a new record for daily cases in Florida.” It was a lie. The government claims it was a mistake but it was a really convenient and well timed one.

On Monday the centers falsely reported “that Florida recorded 28,317 daily COVID cases on Sunday, August 8.” Wrong. The Florida Department of Health was outraged enough to issue a statement correcting the record.

The numbers that the CDC circulated are “not just a misleading number but one that was entirely false.” They totaled up “multiple days worth of cases and reported that number as a single-day count.”

It was on purpose to make the Governor look bad. They expect the officials to correct it now that they are aware. The public is watching.


Wrong figures on wrong day

Not only were the figures released by the CDC wrong, they didn’t come out on the usual day. Normally, the weekend statistics are published on Tuesday. Somebody rushed these out on Monday, apparently to make a point that liberals could use in their blog posts and Network news stories.

As one attorney points out, the timing of the update was “uncharacteristic.” He does admit though that they usually do an average for those days. Someone messed up their math. They liked what they saw so much they didn’t bother to correct it.

The “CDC has been adding Florida’s weekend total, then dividing it by the number of weekend days to formulate an average number of daily weekend cases.” That’s been confirmed by the state health department.

“Consequently, each Monday or Tuesday, there will be two or three days of data reported at a time. When data is published, it is attributed evenly to the previous days.” Not this time. “Why the weekend total was seemingly divided by two, instead of three, is not clear.”

The phrase of the day is “plausible deniability.” That’s the one Ollie North used to make him the circuit breaker protecting Bush and Reagan. While the Governor’s office is convinced they know what happened, proving it is a different story. They know when to back down but still made the point on social media.

“To be clear: I don’t have any evidence that the CDC reported the wrong COVID case number for Florida intentionally. It could have been an honest mistake, so I don’t want to jump to conclusions. But to clear things up, @CDCgov needs to correct the record & explain to the public.”