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CDC Director’s Fascist Gestapo Plans for America Keep Rolling Despite Inaccurate Covid Data


CDC Director Robert Redfield has what some call “fascist” and “Gestapo like” plans for America. He wants to keep the Deep State power grab rolling right along with “very aggressive” contact tracing. The nonsense the CDC already spewed has the populace panic stricken, “scrubbing down their groceries.” Our trusted health officials seem to be on the payroll of the New World Order, “so drunk with perceived power and definite self-importance” that they’ll do whatever it takes to get their way. The CDC even admits they relied on inaccurate “Armageddon-like models that showed hospitals flooding with patients.”

CDC Plans to destroy America

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention seem intent on destroying America. At least, that’s what their plans seem to suggest. As soon as the gloom and doom prediction models hit the streets, the CDC and their leader, Dr. Robert Redfield, swallowed the data without question. Now we know it was totally wrong. They couldn’t even manage to pass out the test kits properly. Their advice has basically done much more harm than good.

If needlessly shutting down the entire country wasn’t bad enough, RedState notes, “we have people who are so drunk with perceived power and definite self-importance that they are willing to do whatever it takes to impose their wishes upon 330 million people.” The CDC has a plan but it isn’t much better than the ones they suggested before.

According to Dr. Redfield, the CDC “has been working on a plan to allow the U.S. to safely begin to scale back” the ineffective quarantine measures. In the process they grant the open borders globalists everything on their wish list. As testing finally gets “ramped-up” bureaucracy will swell like never before. That seems minor in comparison with the scheme for “very aggressive” contact tracing. If they carry out their plot, they will basically have a list of everyone who virtually every American associates with. Talk about bulk data collection.

Come in like the Gestapo and take control

Everyone seems to forget that the CDC has no authority at all to order business closures in the first place. They may have “limited legal authority over people with highly infectious diseases,” but they have no power at all over the healthy ones, and cannot “force” anyone to cooperate. They just come in like the Gestapo and take control.

Redfield and the CDC now plans to trace the “contacts” of the 30 million American’s who were infected. Nobody questions the fact that the job is so huge it would take decades to complete, making any so called data gathered totally worthless. It’s also unconstitutional.

It works like this. Joe gets infected. While he sits in quarantine, he makes a list of every single person he may have come in contact with. Not only does he list his friends and acquaintances, but his barber, where he buys his groceries, all his co-workers, and anyone else he has even casual ties to. The government can sort through that and uncover all sorts of interesting but illegal to obtain information.


Snare every American in the Deep State web

Once you rat out everyone you know as “potentially” contaminated, they can be rounded up, quarantined and investigated in exactly the same fashion. Starting with a base of 30 million already infected, it won’t take long to snare nearly every American in the Deep State spider web.

To get an idea of what might happen if a person decides not to cooperate with their plans, Washington State’s progressive Governor Jay Inslee gives us a glimpse of the future. He gave people an option, cooperate or starve. If you go along with the fascist program you get rewarded with the food you need for survival. “Access to state employees to shop for them for food.” Anyone who objects will “have to find your own help.” As RedState notes, “the unstated policy is that they intend to starve people into submission.”

Big Brother promises to keep your name secret after you rat out your friends, but “there is absolutely no safeguard against the inevitability that this will be used for harassment.” Don’t like someone, catch Covid-19 then tell the authorities that you had close contact with your target. The state will ruin their life for you. Since the tips can be anonymous, you really don’t even need to have the flu.

Another privacy killing measure is on the CDC’s agenda as well, since the FBI is already tracing every cell phone, why not use that data to “make contact tracing more efficient and effective.” Or, is it really a case of using contact tracing to justify the massive bulk data collection.

Thanks to the Wuhan Flu, federal agencies are getting ready to use “data collected by a private vendor to involuntarily deprive you of liberty and quite possibly livelihood without any semblance of due process.” You aren’t even allowed to “challenge the mistakes.” Redfield already plans to lock everyone down again, just in time for Christmas.


  1. ignore tham and do what is good for you. These people are unelectedoverpaid and mostly unprofessional in their eveluations and predictions. So Again, ignore them. As with any Physician t is alwqays good to get another opinion

    • Will, You’re absolutely right! These so-called experts in the Democratic control CDC don’t know dirtily-squat about anything except how to control the American people through fake innuendos, fear, and plenty of other propagandas. This crap about social distancing doesn’t work because, who ever heard about viruses jumping from human to human. Once a virus attach itself to a human or a plant, it sticks there like glue. Like I said; viruses do not jump from one human to another. And the wearing of facial masks does not protect anyone from contracting a virus. It is mainly used by doctors when operating on open wounds in case the doctor happens to sneeze. Also, prolong use of facial masks may be hazardous to one’s health.

      USAF (RET)

  2. As a 72 year old retired lawyer whose practice brought him into frequent contact with the bureaucrats in many of the federal agencies, I an tell you that we have a disaster in DC. Over the last 40 years Our union protected federal bureaucrats have become increasingly ineffective, technically less able and increasingly driven by leftest ideological in applying federal law to operating companies. In applying laws and promulgating regulations many of the bureaucrats in increasing numbers are little concerned with what laws actually mean as compared to what do They want them to mean from a leftest view of the world.

    This is in my opinion is the greatest cause of the debacle in the over response to the virus.

    The foolish bureaucrat subject of this article is a prime example of what exists everywhere in every agency at almost all levels.

  3. Someone needs to tell Trump to fire the whole damned bunch of them=by them, I’m talking about what we laughingly call our “medical experts”. Out of the whole bunch of them, none has gotten even close to an accurate forecast and it is becoming more apparent all of the time that their suggestions for reducing damage done by the virus is as bad as their projections were. I can’t think of anything any of them said which was even remotely useful. I personally believe the whole damned bunch of them are denizens of the deep state and that this entire fiasco has been nothing more nor less than “Operation Get Trump v.3.0”. Force people indoors and away from their jobs, businesses shut down because there is nobody to work, then when the appropriate time comes to reopen all we get is threats of hundreds..thousands..maybe millions of extra deaths. The same criminals who gave us all of the incorrect projections and treatments for the virus, we’re still allowing them to keep worsening the damage to our economy and our psyches. Stop listening to them and jail them.

  4. Fire these incompetent boobs. They are so comfortable getting paid to destroy the country – they don’t care the impact and we can see that 99 percent of everything was a total lie. Most couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag and common sense and logic. Forget that


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