Caught on Cam: Victoria Secret ‘Karen’

Caught on Cam: Victoria Secret 'Karen'

A “Karen” — a slang term for an entitled, demanding woman — was caught on video having a bizarre meltdown in a Victoria’s Secret in Millburn, New Jersey.

No one is quite sure what happened prior to the beginning of the video, but the woman recording, Ijeoma Ukenta, claims that the blonde “Karen” tried to hit her.

As soon as the camera turned on, Ukenta claims the “Karen” went from behaving aggressively to playing the full-blown victim.

The beginning of the video appears to show the “Karen” stepping back after swinging her arm at Ukenta.

Ukenta then accuses her of trying to hit her, and the “Karen” falls to the floor crying and stating that she never tried to hit her, and complains about being recorded.

TMZ reports: “The switch is pretty wild to observe: she falls to the ground and starts crying, complaining Ijeoma is recording her, repeatedly demanding she stop and even chases her around the store at one point.


Ukenta claims that she recorded the incident to protect herself from any false claims that the “Karen” might make to the police.

Officers eventually showed up, though neither woman was arrested. The “Karen” told police that she was just upset about being recorded because she was afraid of losing her job if the video was shared online.

Ukenta has said that she plans to file a complaint against the police officers due to being unhappy with how they treated her, saying that they acted as if she was the aggressor. Obviously, it isn’t completely clear who was the aggressor in the incident, as we are missing the context of what happened before the camera began recording. But it appears from the video that the “Karen” was a bit unstable.

What we do know is that the officers refused to remove the “Karen” from the mall, saying that there was no legal precedent to do so based on the circumstances. They apparently did offer Ukenta a courtesy escort to her car, which she refused.