Catholic Church Folds to the All Mighty Biden


The Deep State and the Deep Church really are holding hands with each other these days. Allegedly Pope Francis had nothing to do with the way the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops collapsed like a cheap chair, to bow down to Imperial Leader Joe Biden and give him a get out of Hell free card. He can authorize killing babies by the truckload and still take communion.

Catholic doesn’t mean what it used to

The American Conference of Catholic Bishops got together for a big cage match last week over the wording of a “teaching document.” They came up with a version meant to send a clear message.

By the time the dust settled, it was watered down to less of slap on the wrist than the love-tap given to Kevin Clinesmith for forging evidence against Carter Page.

Conservative Christians, not just the Jesuit and Franciscan ones, were really hoping to see the Imperial Leader Joe and his like-minded baby murderers “be banned from receiving Communion.”

It didn’t happen. Liberal New York Times can’t help gloating. “Biden is the United States’ second Catholic president and the country’s most religiously observant leader since Jimmy Carter. Enforcing the rule to deny Communion would be up to individual bishops.”

The Associated Press added that “One section of the document is intended to include a specific admonition to Catholic politicians and other public figures who disobey church teaching on abortion and other core doctrinal issues.”

That sounded way too good. Four days later it was erased and canceled. The bishops meekly backed down and “released an updated clarification of the Q&A. There was no reference to President Biden, a national policy, or abortion.”

Declining belief and understanding

USCCB spokesunit Chieko Noguchi told rabidly radical Axios the “document’s central goal is to educate Catholics on the Eucharist. Bishops have grown increasingly concerned about the declining belief and understanding of the Eucharist among the Catholic faithful.”

Actually it’s more like they are saying “what’s the point if it doesn’t mean anything?”

That’s not the way they do things in Rome, she says. “The document being drafted is not meant to be disciplinary in nature, nor is it targeted at any one individual or class of persons.”

She also swears up and down that Deep Church Pope Francis “was not involved.” Sure. Retired Pontiff Benedict tried real hard to purge the evil element from Catholic leadership but it’s not easy to fight pure evil, even if you are “infallible.”

The heretical question which caused all the controversy is “whether or not to deny any individual or groups Holy Communion” and it was not on the ballot.

“Instead, this document focused on” recommending to support “human life and dignity and other fundamental principles of Catholic moral and social teaching.”