NCAA ‘Fair to Play Act’ Now Law In California After Dem Governor Newson Signs...

NCAA released a statement regarding the new bill known officially as, SB206. The organization said, “As a membership organization the NCAA agrees changes were needed". Changes to continue to support student-athletes, but improvement needs to be

Wife Of ‘Shark Tank’ Star Linda O’Leary Charged In Deadly Boat Accident

The charges stem from a boating accident last month, that took the lives of two people, and injured three

Red Flag Law Takes Another Life- Family in Disbelief

Two Anne Arundel County police officers were doing their job, when they tried to confiscate a gun. The officers had a protective order, covered under the 'Red Flag Protective Order' which is designed to remove guns

President Trump Says U.S. ‘Locked & Loaded’ After Saudi Drone Attack

This weekend's drone attack on Saudi Arabia by Iran, has caused the oil supply there, to be cut in half. The U.S. released footage that they say proves it was Iran

Disturbing Find at Dr’s Home That Performed Abortions on 10yr Old Little Girls

The family of Dr. Ulrich Klopfer has been going through his home in Will County, IL. The home is 45 miles south of Chicago, there is no

Uber Liberal Maddow Claims OAN is Russian Propaganda- Then Quickly Slapped with 10mil Lawsuit

Uber Liberal MSNBC News Host Rachel Maddow Being Sued For 'Utterly False Statements' A lawsuit has been filed...

Todd Palin Files For Divorce After 31 Years of Marriage

It appears as though it's the end of the road for Todd and Sarah Palin, after 31 years of marriage. The Palins both 55, and have been through a governorship and a run for

The Remains Of A Hero Firefighter Killed On 9/11 Have Been Located 18...

Remains Of Firefighter Killed On 9/11 Found Almost 18 Years Later. Authorities in New York confirmed on Thursday that remains recently found, are those of

Michael Wear Obama’s Former Religious Adviser Blast Democrats

Micheal Wear who was President Obama's father advisor thinks the Democratic National Committee (DNC) welcoming non-believers is stupid. Wear said the new resolution by the DNC is just plain dumb
shark tank

Second Person Dead After Boat Collision With ‘Shark Tank’ Star Kevin O’Leary

The accident happened on Lake Joseph in Ontario Canada. One man died instantly, he was identified as Gary Poltash, 64, who was on vacation in Canada from Florida. The second fatality, has been identified as