Police Chief Craig Fires Back at Tlaib

Craig in an interview on Thursday said that, he was 'shocked by the remarks Tlaib made right to his face. He appeared on
YG kicks out Trump supporter

Rapper Stops Concert to Kick Trump Supporter Out

Ah, the party of tolerance...

NCAA ‘Fair to Play Act’ Now Law In California After Dem Governor Newson Signs...

NCAA released a statement regarding the new bill known officially as, SB206. The organization said, “As a membership organization the NCAA agrees changes were needed". Changes to continue to support student-athletes, but improvement needs to be

Protests Rage After Black Woman is Shot In Her Home By a White Cop

A neighbor of Atatiana Jefferson called a non emergency police number, and reported that the door of Jefferson's house was opened. The neighbor wanted a
Texas Church Shooting-2

Good Guy with a Gun Takes Down Texas Church Shooter

Exactly why we need our Second Amendment rights!
United Nations

Iran Demands UN Condemn Killing of General Soleimani

Trump will lose his mind.

Democrat Calls For Military Coup To Oust Trump … Then Tries To Walk It...

    Democrat Encourages Others To Oust Trump When Caught, Walks It Back Scott Dworkin, is according to him a ‘proud member of the resistance’ has been...

Disturbing Find at Dr’s Home That Performed Abortions on 10yr Old Little Girls

The family of Dr. Ulrich Klopfer has been going through his home in Will County, IL. The home is 45 miles south of Chicago, there is no