Whistle Blower Smoke Screen Brought On By Desperate Democrats

There is a new controversy brewing that has some Democrats thinking they will be receiving an early Christmas present. The new allegations against the president is that

Huffman Breaks Down in Court Following Sentence

Huffman Broke Down In Court, 'Saying I Am Deeply Ashamed Of What I Have Done' Despite several letters...

DOJ : Comey Leaked Classified Information

The DOJ in conjunction with the Office Of the Inspector General (OIG) released their formal report on what an investigation uncovered. The investigation on the former FBI director James Comey says that Comey has committed
the family

“The Family” and Mark Sanford: Scandal or Conspiracy

A new documentary currently airing on 'Netflix' is raising some eyebrows. Former GOP Governor Mark Sandford is weighing in on the controversy. Sanford is