Carson Tucker and Bicyclist Discuss CNN Anchor Chris Cuomovideo

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Exposes CNN Scandal that the Left has been Feeding On

Who do CNN and Chris Cuomo think they are fooling? After announcing on March 31 that he had the COVID-19 coronavirus, the CNN anchor supposedly...

FBI Confirm RACE Card Driver Bubba Wallace is An Idiot

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace just got busted by the FBI for criminal stupidity. His rush to throw the race card has his fellow drivers...

Lindsey Graham Betrays Trump, Sides With Obama

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham recently betrayed President Donald Trump by siding with former President Barack Obama on ObamaGate. With the recent revelations of...

Maguire Sets the Record Straight As Democrats Wage War On Words

Joseph Maguire testified before the House Intelligence Committee on Thursday. The much anticipated appearance, came down to testy exchanges about what certain words mean. Committee chairman, Adam Schiff, (D-Calif) wasted no time, accusing Maguire of

Epstein Plot Thickens..It’s Deeper Than We Ever Thought

The Epstein plot, as they say, just thickened. A press announcement that a deal has been struck indicates that the Jeffrey Epstein rabbit hole...
CNN PV Video

CNN Anti-Trump Agenda Exposed with Hidden Camera Interviews

We have them dead to rights... and it's all on video!
Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani Promises $5.3 Billion Ukraine Bombshell During Obama Administration

The mainstream media will NEVER report this!

Govt. Stall Takes General Flynn Case Down A Very Dark Path

The way that Justice Department prosecutors are trying to stall for time, in the case to overturn General Michael Flynn's ill advised guilty plea,...

The Price is Right Just Donated to Killing Babies

CBS’s The Price is Right just made a major donation in the killing of babies. On May 11, the popular television show, that has...
Hillary Clinton

Video Exposing Hillary’s Crimes Goes Viral

Lock her up!