Loesch Blasts O’Rourke As He Continues to Push His False Gun Agenda Claims

Wednesday night O'Rourke was a guest on CNN, and talked about his proposal to confiscate guns. O'Rourke said, “Scalia said there is no absolute guarantee under the Second Amendment, that the government does not have the right to

Yang Makes Promise to Give Families Money if They Vote For Him, One Problem…It’s...

During last weeks Democratic debate Andrew Yang said, he would give 10 random families one thousand dollars each month. It has been disclosed that the money is coming from

President Trump Says U.S. ‘Locked & Loaded’ After Saudi Drone Attack

This weekend's drone attack on Saudi Arabia by Iran, has caused the oil supply there, to be cut in half. The U.S. released footage that they say proves it was Iran

Trump Jr. Calls Democratic Debate ‘A Socialist Free-For-All’

The Oldest Child Of The President Donald Trump Jr. Had A Lot To Say About Thursday's Debate Donald...

Tom Homan Former ICE Director Fires Back at Democrats

The Left Doesn't Want To Deal With Facts Says Former ICE Director Tom Homan Former Director of Immigration...

Bolton Undermines Trump- Swiftly Gets the Boot

According to President Donald Trump, there were just too many ongoing disagreements with John Bolton. So he got the boot on Tuesday morning, and now he's out. On Tuesday Trump took to 'Twitter' and said

HOC Demanding Answers From Dems About Suspicious Trips To Mexico

Members of the GOP House Oversight Committee (HOC) want answers from Democrats who have been making trips into Mexico recently. According to a report, Democratic law makers have been crossing the boarder to visit

Mark Sanford Will Run For The Presidential GOP Nomination

Mark Sanford, complete with Titanic sized baggage is ready to challenge President Donald Trump for the GOP nomination. Sanford made the announcement on Sunday, he was Congressman from 2013 to January 2019

Peter Buttigieg Doubles Down on Abortion…Claims A Pregnancy Can Be Terminated Up Until...

'Mayor Peter' as he's called, was a guest on the Breakfast Club radio show on Friday. Buttigieg is an openly gay, very liberal pro-choice advocate who also claims

Ilmar Omar Breaks FEC Rules All While Incestiuos Marriage Unfolds

Beth Mynett filed for legal separation from her D.C. Consultant husband Tim Mynett. One of the reasons for the separation in the court filing, is that Mr. Mynett engaged in an affair with