Blue State

Redistricting in Blue State Means Potential Uptick for Republicans

California is about as much a blue state as they come, but there is going to be some house cleaning going on that you...

Russia’s Lavrov Denies Any Invasion, Didn’t Bomb Hospital Either

Jen Psaki can pick up a few pointers from Sergei Lavrov. When people ask you about things you don't officially want to talk about,...

One of the Biggest Companies Out There Was Just Exposed for Helping Fund Terrorists

It's okay to fund terrorism as long as the liberals are doing it. One of the biggest of the big-tech giants has been funding...

Federal Judge Deals Heavy Blow to Obama With Latest Ruling

Barry Soetoro may think he can get away with ignoring the laws but District Judge Andrew S. Hanen says he "overstepped his executive authority"...
Caught in the Act

Dem Mayor Gets Caught in the Act, Then Tries to Walk It Back

A Dem mayor got caught in the act, but no, she didn't own up to it. She just tried to walk it back like...
New AG Barr Details Exposed, Its All Dripping Out of the Swamp Slowly

New AG Barr Details Exposed, Its All Dripping Out of the Swamp Slowly

Information released by retired Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer exposed just how much former AG William Barr undermined investigations into voter fraud in the 2020...
New Details Emerge

New Details Emerge on How Many Americans Joe Biden Has Killed

On August 6, 1945, Harry S Truman faced a very important decision, and that was dropping the Atom Bomb on Japan. Today, new details...
Famous Singer

Woke [Broke] Culture Sets Sights on Famous Singer

Yeah, you read that right: the woke culture sets sights on famous singer. Pretty self-explanatory. These people are on the attack yet again. In...
The Turncoat

The Turncoat Who Handed Dems a Supermajority

A lot of you might be too young to remember this individual, but if there is a turncoat hall of fame, he would surely...
Seeking Truth

Seeking Truth: False Flag Groomed for Dominance or Something Worse

If you are devoted to seeking truth, then you need to realize that the liberals can still play dirty politics with the best of...