Susan Rice

Meghan McCain Destroy’s Susan Rice Over Sketchy Obama Policies

The daughter of the late Arizona Senator John McCain, said “How do you criticize Trump's hands off approach to the
Joe Biden

Election Interference? Biden Calls for Trump Impeachment

He can't get away with this!

Hillary Predicts Victory in 2020

Hillary Clinton has not been able to let go of the election results ever since that fateful November evening in 2016 when she realized she had

Warren Has a Tactic For Her Campaign- Lies and False Information

Warren says the incident she is trying to highlight took place in 1971, before the laws were on the books. Furthermore, she said that

Ilhan Omar- Unfit For Politics and America? You Decide

She denied the claims and said they were false and she was married to Hirsi. Since that, she has declined to discuss her personal life. Omar's personal attorney, Jamie Diggs issued a statement on
Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham Has a Warning For The Democrats

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) issued a dire warning over the weekend, he said 'there will be hell to pay if President Trump is impeached'. The newest revelation

Greedy Sanders Won’t Stop, Even With a Heart Condition “The Money Is Too Good”

Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders at 78 is the oldest Democratic candidate for the 2020 nomination. Sanders is recouping in a Las Vegas hospital after he began experiencing chest pains during a private fund raiser in

Kamala Harris Desperate Attempts to Gain Poll Numbers

Harris scored some points by bringing up a time when she was abused as a child in California. The next day she started selling T-Shirts to canalize on the

CNN Refuses To Air Trump Ad, Another MSM Attempt at Controlling America

CNN is showing their bias yet one more time as they refuse to allow a Trump campaign ad criticizing former Vice President Joe Biden. The ad highlights

Police Chief Craig Fires Back at Tlaib

Craig in an interview on Thursday said that, he was 'shocked by the remarks Tlaib made right to his face. He appeared on