Ronald Reagan Library

CNN Reporter Sends Nasty Reagan Tweet, Then Deletes It

He should be fired for this!
Lindsey Graham

Senator Graham Drops Bombshell Impeachment Announcement on Democrats

Dems are going to be furious!
William Barr

Attorney General Barr Slams Former FBI Director James Comey

The truth finally comes out!
Barack Obama

Obama Stuns Liberal Crowd: ‘Get Over That’

What is Obama preparing his liberal horde for?
Pussy Scouts

Liberals Create Foul-Mouthed Shock-Attack Video Against Trump… Using Children!

This is appalling. I am just speechless.
Congressional Democrats impeachment vote

House Democrats Make Their Move Against Trump

The House is finally making its move against Trump but as it turns out, their hand may be getting forced by...
Adam Schiff

Schiff Makes Disturbing Announcement about DOJ Origins Investigation

He can't get away with this!
Peter Souza

Former Obama Staffer Called Out for Fake News Report on Trump

More fake news from the left!
Mitt Romney

Gingrich Shreds Romney After Crossing Donald Trump

Romney unleashed!