Governor Cuomo Trump Vaccine Lockdown New York

Democrat Governor Set to Receive an Award After Acting Like a Nazi

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is being awarded the International Emmy Founder’s Award for his daily Covid-19 briefings. The announcement came just days after...
Look What They Are Saying About Our Fallen Heroes

Look What They Are Saying About Our Fallen Heroes

A leftist propaganda rag masquerading as a news outlet had the audacity to slander our military just after thirteen soldiers died in Afghanistan. On the...

Yelp Jumps in Bed With Cancel Culture in Their Pursuit to Destroy Small Business...

Yelp, a website which provides a space to review and rate businesses, has created a new label which will alert consumers if a business...
Photo of Marquise Love kicking Adam Haner in the head

Portland Attacker Begs for Money on Social Media

On the run from the Portland police, Marquise 'Keese' Love posted on Snapchat attempting to justify his actions and asking people to send him...

WOW: Michelle Obama Just Publicly Trashed Her Own Children

Michelle Obama recently publicly trashed her own children in Becoming, a newly released documentary on Netflix about the life of Obama. The documentary is...

Black Rage Caught on Cam in the Middle of the Day

This Black rage blockbuster won't be seen on the big screen but it's already a top viewed video on Facebook. Armed Antifa® occupation zones,...
White House

White House Official Sues Media Outlet for ‘Fake News’ Story

More fake news... and now they are going to pay!

Watch: God Fearing Citizen Steps Up to the Mic, Puts Officials Right in Their...

Let's just cut to the chase here: there are a lot of people who just aren't buying this mask-wearing stuff right now. Does it...

Obama TOTALLY LIVID After His Family’s Darkest Secret MADE PUBLIC

He might be known as America's first black president, but let's make one thing absolutely clear: Barack Hussein Obama was no friend of this...
gun guns sales record high second amendment 2020

GUN Rush 2020: Gun Sales final numbers

Final 2020 numbers show 23 million guns sold, with 8.4 million being first time gun buyers. Meanwhile, we've seen large scale riots, a global...