Adam Schiff Reveals More Schitt as New Hoax is Pushed to the Envelope

Known witch hunt enthusiast Adam Schiff said Wednesday that the House Intelligence Committee received whistleblower intel that the Trump administration was involved with Russian...
Wapo Team

WaPo Reporters Caught Celebrating Impeachment

We caught them red-handed.
Peter Souza

Former Obama Staffer Called Out for Fake News Report on Trump

More fake news from the left!
nancy pelosi AOC democrats stefanik

Nancy Pelosi in BIG Trouble, Dems Poised to Abandon Her

The Democrat’s infighting began just hours after the 2020 election. Moderates want to get rid of the socialists and the socialists want to get...
Joe Biden

Did Joe Biden Just Show Americans How Full of Sh*t He Really Is? Yes…Yes...

Following the Trump administration's announcement of a historic peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, presidential nominee Joe Biden attempted to take...
Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Mask COVD lockdown

Republicans File Articles of Impeachment on Democrat Governor Who Abused His Power

Ohio Republicans are pissed. They just filed articles of impeachment against Governor Mike DeWine in response to his unconstitutional COVID-19 orders. Finally, American patriots...

Breaking: Emails Implicate Biden and Kerry Families

Even more of Hunter Biden's emails surfaced late Wednesday, revealed in a detailed 60-page intelligence report. Dated October 2nd, the intelligence community spells out...

House Passes Historical Pork Filled Plan

The Democrats are smoking crack again. They heard that there was a meat shortage coming, so they plan to give away a whole mountain...
Hillary Clinton-2

Democrat Candidates Rally Against Hillary Clinton

Hillary getting a dose of her own medicine!