CNN Refuses To Air Trump Ad, Another MSM Attempt at Controlling America

CNN is showing their bias yet one more time as they refuse to allow a Trump campaign ad criticizing former Vice President Joe Biden. The ad highlights
President Trump signs pardon for Susan B. Anthony

Trump Hints at Another Pardon, Leftist Heads Explode

President Trump issued a post-mortem pardon for famous suffragette Susan B. Anthony on the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, which gave women the...
Communist State Steals ENTIRE Bank Account of Small Business Owner

Communist State Steals ENTIRE Bank Account of Small Business Owner

After challenging this communist left-wing state's lockdown orders, a small business owner found that the state seized $165,000 from his business' account. Ian Smith, the...
Donald Trump

Schiff and Bolton are TOAST: Trump Declares ‘Game Over’

This should end it all!
NYC black crime shooting

Black on Black Crime War: Shootout ERUPTS Leaving 2 Hospitalized, 3 Arrested

Police say three black men have been arrested after a shooting at a Waffle House located in Colonial Heights back in February. On February...
President Trump puts an end to stimulus negotiation

Trump Just Put An End To It…It’s OVER

President Trump has had enough of Nancy Pelosi's grandstanding and political games. The president has announced that he is going to put an end...
AOC Trembling after Video Emerges

AOC Trembling after Video Emerges

A video has emerged of radical far-left Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) being called out by now-GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. Before Greene became a congresswoman,...
Pussy Scouts

Liberals Create Foul-Mouthed Shock-Attack Video Against Trump… Using Children!

This is appalling. I am just speechless.