Hillary Predicts Victory in 2020

Hillary Clinton has not been able to let go of the election results ever since that fateful November evening in 2016 when she realized she had
Impeachment Panel

New CNN Poll on Impeachment Stuns Liberal Hosts

Their reaction is priceless.
Al Green

Texas Democrat Puts Trump Supporters on Notice

We have been warned...

Greedy Sanders Won’t Stop, Even With a Heart Condition “The Money Is Too Good”

Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders at 78 is the oldest Democratic candidate for the 2020 nomination. Sanders is recouping in a Las Vegas hospital after he began experiencing chest pains during a private fund raiser in
AOC at C40

AOC Breaks Down During Summit Meeting

Crocodile tears!
Joe Biden

Joe Biden Puts Blame on Staff for Burisma Conflict

His web of lies is starting to fall apart.
Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi’s Impeachment Vote Dangerously Close to Failing

It won't be easy, Nancy.