Grisly Discovery- Children’s Author Commits Murder Suicide Killing His Wife and 3 Kids

Concerned relatives called 911, when they could not make contact with anyone in the Zaccardi family. Police arrived to the Abington, Massachusetts condo where

Entitled College Football Thug Makes Questionable Threat Against Cops

Banks immediately became belligerent with the officer, who called for backup. The 6'1 225 pound running back, would not cooperate with the arresting officers. Banks warrant was for 'a failure to appear in court, stemming from an
Joshua Brown

Guyger Trial Key Witness Ends Up Dead

Joshua Brown,28, lived directly across the hall from shooting victim Botham Jean,26, and testified at the murder trial of Amber Guyger,31. The former
Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro Slapped With 12mil Lawsuit

Documents known as 'attachments' included in the suit are audio of De Niro's incendiary messages he left for Robinson. In one message he says, “how dare you fu**ing disrespect me?” Alexandra Harwin who is representing Robinson in the lawsuit said,

Ex Cop Kills Neighbor, Sparks Riots: Castle Domain Law Doesn’t Fly

In a rare move Gugyer took the witness stand in her defense. She said she shot Botham because she thought she was in her own apartment, and she feared for her life. She said she told Botham to 'show me your hands' twice, She claimed he
Best Buy

‘Best Buy’ Delivery Man Bludgeons Elderly Woman To Death…What he Does Next is Horrific

a washing machine that she had purchased at 'Best Buy'. Udell was found in the laundry room of her home, and had been

Man Accused of Brutally Murdering His Daughter After She Exposes His Decade Long Disgustingly...

Through the investigation, several family and friends say McMullen was a very controlling father. McMullen called 911 and said his daughter was playing with a gun, and

Wife Of ‘Shark Tank’ Star Linda O’Leary Charged In Deadly Boat Accident

The charges stem from a boating accident last month, that took the lives of two people, and injured three
Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown Fired From New England Patriots After Allegations Surface

A spokesperson for the NEP said, “We appreciate the hard work of many people over the past 11 days. But we feel that

Ed Buck-MAJOR Democratic Donor ‘Dangerous Predator’ Caught Running Drug Den in CA

A major contributor to Democratic candidates including Hilary Clinton was arrested after a public outcry. Buck,65, was arrested at his West Hollywood, CA apartment, for operating a drug den, and physically injecting men with drugs