Metro PCS Shooting

Armed Marine ‘Wrong Store Motherf***er’ BANG BANG [VIDEO]

Good guy with a gun wins again!
Illegal Immigrant

Illegal Immigrant Charged in Death of Marine Veteran

This NEVER should have happened!
Jeffrey Epstein

More Doubt Cast After Epstein Guards Arrested and Charged

Get ready for the memes!
Veteran Defends Home

61-year-old Veteran Armed with AR15 Shoots, Kills Thugs Trying to Rob Him

A good guy with a gun wins again!

Feds Raid IL Senator Who Held Trump Assassination Rally

People in the neighborhoods where the raids took place, watched as agents hauled out box after box of evidence. The lunch time raid was extensive according to
Henry Thomas

ET Does NOT ‘Phone Home’ for Star Actor Henry Thomas

Thomas,48, was arrested late Monday, after other motorist called 911 stating Thomas was in a car and in the middle of an intersection. Police found Thomas
proud boys trial

Trump Supporters Jailed in Biased Ruling

Earlier this week, two Trump supporters received a sentence of four years in jail for what many believe was self-defense.

Chilling [Video] Colorado Man Dumps Woman’s Body Into a Dumpster After He Stuffed Her...

A grainy video of a man driving up to a dumpster by a car wash went viral. The video shows the man opening the trunk of a car on Friday morning. He took something out and