They Drugged, Raped, and Then Murdered Her

This girl was in the prime of her life, but these thugs not only had their way with her, but they drugged her and...
Golden Corral

Things Turn Deadly at Golden Corral

Well, apparently things have turned deadly at your neighborhood Golden Corral, and no I'm not talking about your cholesterol and weight increasing due to...

Dem Mayor Sick of it, Rips Left Wing Policies to Shreds

Left-wing policies are "bullsh!t." That's what San Francisco's Democrat Mayor London Breed said, when she stopped guzzling the Kool-Aid and suddenly woke up. Breed...
Terrified American

Terrified American Trapped in Afghanistan Breaks Down on Live TV, Pins It on Biden

A terrified American has been trapped in Afghanistan, and they recently broke down on live T.V. trying to get the president to help them....
4yr old

4yr Old Makes Emergency Call, Moments Later Police Arrive, Confirm the Surprising Situation

I guess they taught this 4yr old well. After the child made an emergency call, it wasn't long before the police showed up and...
Caught on Cam

Caught on Cam: Exact Moment Police Officer is Shot in Head

We have caught on cam the exact moment when a police officer was shot in the head and taken to the hospital in a...

Instagram Model on Trial Faces 21yr Punishment for Doing THIS

An Instagram model should have stuck to working on the catwalk because now she is looking at a prison sentence of at least 21...

Murderous Hate Crime Against Caucasian Woman Goes Unnoticed By Liberal Media

You can count on the liberal media not to tell you the important stuff, and in this case they omitted a murderous hate crime...

RINO Gets What She Deserves…Dealt Some BIG Time KARMA

It's totally official, Liz Cheney has been excommunicated from the Republican Party. The renegade RINO was so far across the line that there could...
Dead Body

Dead Body Tumbles Down Highway During Police Chase

A dead body tumbled down the highway after a police chase. What was the meaning of this? Why did something like this happen? Apparently the...