Key Democrat Leader Flips Leftists the Bird

Weird: Top Democrat Pushes Back, Sides With the Truth

Well this is weird....apparently, a top Democrat is now pushing back and siding with the truth for once. Will wonders never cease? Rep. Henry Cuellar...
Caught in the Spotlight

Vulnerable Dem Caught in the Spotlight as New Scandal Emerges

Yet again, another vulnerable Dem has been caught in the spotlight for doing all of the wrong things constantly. Mercy me, when are these...
UFC Hall of Famer

UFC Hall of Famer Arrested

A UFC hall of famer has now been arrested for domestic violence, and one can only hope that he is able to get his...
Lady Goes Viral

Lady Goes Viral For Explaining Why People Need To Have…

Lady goes viral for explaining why people need to have....what? Well, you would be surprised to know just what it is she is advocating,...
Jail Term

DOJ Recommends Jail Term for Air Force Veteran

The DOJ is now recommending a jail term for an Air Force veteran who took part in something that he should have just stayed...
Dark and Chilling

The ‘Dark and Chilling’ Information About Brain Laundrie

There is some "dark and chilling" information about Brian Laundrie that is yet to come out, but once it does, it definitely makes sense! Apparently,...
Long Time Democrat Politician INDICTED

Long Time Democrat Politician INDICTED

A long time Democrat politician in California has been indicted on federal corruption charges stemming from actions he took while working on the LA...
Former ATF Agent

Former ATF Agent Pleads Guilty

A former ATF agent has now pleaded guilty to structuring money in a manner designed to avoid a bank's reporting requirements. 52-year-old Paul A. White,...

Male Karen Attempts to Police Anti Maskers, It Doesn’t Go So Well

People hear the term "liberal vigilante" and say "huh?" Those two words don't go together in the same sentence. They're right too, as one...

They Drugged, Raped, and Then Murdered Her

This girl was in the prime of her life, but these thugs not only had their way with her, but they drugged her and...