Henry Thomas

ET Does NOT ‘Phone Home’ for Star Actor Henry Thomas

Thomas,48, was arrested late Monday, after other motorist called 911 stating Thomas was in a car and in the middle of an intersection. Police found Thomas
proud boys trial

Trump Supporters Jailed in Biased Ruling

Earlier this week, two Trump supporters received a sentence of four years in jail for what many believe was self-defense.

Chilling [Video] Colorado Man Dumps Woman’s Body Into a Dumpster After He Stuffed Her...

A grainy video of a man driving up to a dumpster by a car wash went viral. The video shows the man opening the trunk of a car on Friday morning. He took something out and

Man Claims God Told Him to Murder His 9 Month Old Daughter

Dixon had two outstanding warrants for marijuana charges, as police were taking him into custody, he started to get excitable according to law enforcement. He told officers that
Jane Fonda

The Treasonous Traitor ‘Hanoi Jane’ Is At It Again

Fonda and a group of other climate control activists have vowed to..
Cameron Ely

Bizarre Details of Harvard Wiz Who Butchered His Wealthy Mother

Cameron,30, stabbed his mother, Valerie Ely,62, to death, at the family home in Santa Barbara, CA. In a flurry of 911 calls, Cameron called saying that

Famous Tarzan Actors Wife Stabbed to Death in Their Home

An elderly woman was found dead at the home of 'Tarzan' actor Ron Ely,81. It was confirmed by the SBSD that the woman was

Man Accused of Brutally Murdering His Daughter After She Exposes His Decade Long Disgustingly...

Through the investigation, several family and friends say McMullen was a very controlling father. McMullen called 911 and said his daughter was playing with a gun, and