Opration Clean Sweep

Operation Clean Sweep: Nearly 200 Dirtbags Taken Down By U.S. Marshals

U.S. Marshals did a laudable job in Operation Clean Sweep, taking down at least 200 dirtbags and getting them off the streets! The U.S. Marshals...
Merrick Garland

Attorney General Merrick Garland Puts a Choke Hold on Law Enforcement

Attorney General Merrick Garland has put a choke-hold on law enforcement with some new measures that are designed to make everything fair… The Department of...
Turpin Family

Turpin Family House of Horrors: Victims Break Silence

The Turpin family had 13 children, but there is no question that they had a house of horrors, and it might take years of...
What Terrorism Brings

This is What Terrorism Brings

This is what terrorism brings. That is the title of this piece, but it definitely rings true. Terrorism only cares about one thing: Terror. What...
Caught in the Act

Dem Mayor Gets Caught in the Act, Then Tries to Walk It Back

A Dem mayor got caught in the act, but no, she didn't own up to it. She just tried to walk it back like...
Breaking Bad

Real Life ‘Breaking Bad’-Style Meth Lab Discovered

There's no question that "Breaking Bad" is a popular show, but a recent drug bust has revealed a real-life "Breaking Bad" meth lab... A man...
Death's Calculator

How IBM Became Death’s Calculator

IBM has become death's calculator in recent months, and you will be very interested to know how they arrived at this conclusion... Simply put, IBM...
A Condom

Customer Claims A Condom Was In His Soup; Tries Blackmailing Restaurant

A condom was in his soup! That's right...that's what a customer in a Chinese restaurant was claiming, but did his claim have any merit? There...
Famous Singer

Woke [Broke] Culture Sets Sights on Famous Singer

Yeah, you read that right: the woke culture sets sights on famous singer. Pretty self-explanatory. These people are on the attack yet again. In...
Massive Family Brawl

Massive Family Brawl Erupts inside Olive Garden [Video]

A Massive family brawl erupted inside a Mississippi Olive Garden restaurant, resulting in not just a lot of damage inside the restaurant but also...