Peed On

Music Artist Who Peed on Mans Face

The music artist who peed on a man's face has now issued an apology, and it's probably about time that she did. She got...
Massive Family Brawl

Massive Family Brawl Erupts inside Olive Garden [Video]

A Massive family brawl erupted inside a Mississippi Olive Garden restaurant, resulting in not just a lot of damage inside the restaurant but also...
Breaks Her Silence

Britney Spears Now Breaks Her Silence, Releases BOLD Statement

When Britney Spears breaks her silence, it is definitely golden. She is now saying some very brutal things about her family, that is for...
The Turncoat

The Turncoat Who Handed Dems a Supermajority

A lot of you might be too young to remember this individual, but if there is a turncoat hall of fame, he would surely...
Big Pharma Money

Here is the Next Round of Big Pharma Money Milling [Details]

If you think that big pharma money has dried up, then you've got another thing coming. They continue to milk COVID-19 for all that...
Seeking Truth

Seeking Truth: False Flag Groomed for Dominance or Something Worse

If you are devoted to seeking truth, then you need to realize that the liberals can still play dirty politics with the best of...
Malcolm X's daughter

Malcolm X’s Daughter Found Dead in Home

Malcolm X's daughter was found deceased in her home, and it was a sad story all the way around, no question about that… Malcolm X...
Wife Brittany

Jason Aldean, Wife Brittany Flip Woke Culture the Bird [DETAILS]

Jason Aldean and wife Brittany are getting ready to flip woke culture the bird with their line-up of a particularly nifty and new fashion...
Key Democrat Leader Flips Leftists the Bird

Weird: Top Democrat Pushes Back, Sides With the Truth

Well this is weird....apparently, a top Democrat is now pushing back and siding with the truth for once. Will wonders never cease? Rep. Henry Cuellar...
Against McConnell

Trump Makes His Move Against McConnell

Ex President Donald Trump is now doing his best to make his move against McConnell, who is probably one of the biggest RINOs out...