Carolina Rep- “No Apologies For James Comey”

no apologies

Former South Carolina Rep Trey Gowdy Says James Comey Will Not Be Getting Any Apologies

Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox News To address a Tweet by former FBI Director James Comey. After a report by the Department of Justice issued a report that Comey will not be prosecuted for leaking confidential FBI documents.

The agency revealed that Comey did not break the law, but he violated FBI procedures. After the report was released Comey took to twitter, saying ‘apologies would be nice.’ Gowdy was formally the chair of the House Oversight Committee, told Jason Chaffetz that he won’t apologize to Comey.

Gowdy said, “I never said Comey would or should go to jail. I’m certainly not going to apologize to anyone that violated FBI and DOJ polices”. Gowdy goes on to say, ‘Comey violated his employment agreement. He shared sensitive information that only he had access to’. He all of sudden couldn’t remember where documents were when the FBI paid a visit to his house. Gowdy wanted to offer Comey some valuable advise. He said, ‘You should aspire to be more in life than someone that is simply skating by without having been indicted’.

Gowdy Was On Roll After the No Apologies -He Called Comey A Two Time Offender

That wasn’t it for the former law maker and attorney who now works as a commentator on Fox and elsewhere. Gowdy said Comey is a two time offender that should be grateful he’s not on his way to prison. He also said, ‘Obama appointed Inspector General Micheal Horowitz reprimanded Comey about Hilary Clinton’s emails’.

Horowitz said that Comey completely compromised the investigation into Clinton’s email server scandal. Gowdy said, Comey’s goal in life is ‘just not meet every essential element of a criminal event’.

‘He thinks he should be congratulated for this. He thinks everyone owes him an apology because he has no criminal charges against him’. Gowdy said Comey should give back his very high fees he earns as a guest speaker,’ He also said that Comey’s book ‘Higher Loyalty’ is quite the contradiction’. Gowdy reiterated his stance on Comey, by saying he will never apologize to him.

Former Democratic Strategist Donna Brazile Said There May Be More Fallout From Comey Report

High profile Democrat Donna Brazile, once a CNN contributor now a Fox News contributor also weighed in on the Comey report. Brazile pointed out President Trump’s reaction to the report. The President on Twitter said, ‘That Comey got lucky by avoiding prosecution’. For all the absolutely horrible things he did. Trump said ‘it just shows how fair and honest Attorney General Barr is’.

Brazile asked “Is the worst still to come for Director Comey?” Several Republicans are taking Comey to task on all of his failings. Greg Gutfeld of Fox News quipped, “You can’t trust people that tall, short people are much more trustworthy.” Gutfeld said the media is to blame for all of this for painting Comey as a saint.Furthermore, Brazile said that Comey should not breath a sigh of relief just yet, she said ‘it’s far from over’.


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