Carhart ‘The Butcher of Bellevue’ Claims Anti-Abortionist’s Are Terrorists


Notorious Abortionist LeRoy Carhart Offers Women To Hold Their Aborted Babies

Dr. Leroy Carhart, 79, known for performing late term abortions at clinics in Maryland and Nebraska offers all types of services to his patients. Carhart, a former Air Force doctor and registered Republican, specializes in late term abortions and ‘partial birth abortions’.

He regularly performs abortions in the third trimester such as 24 weeks or older. Carhart has been the subject of several criminal investigations and two Supreme Court Cases. He was also prominently featured in the 2013 documentary, ‘After Tiller’.

In a 2000 Supreme Court ruling Carhart was successful in his attempt to perform partial birth abortions, the practice was banned seven year later. Carhart is one of the last doctors in the United States to perform late term abortions, he has patients that flock to his clinics from around the country.

One of Carhart’s clinics in Bestheda, Maryland offers disturbing services to women, after the abortion is performed. Carhart also offers what he calls, ‘a four day abortion process’ that is for women that are 28 weeks of further.

Patients At Carhart’s Clinics Can Take Pictures With Their Aborted Fetus And Arrange Cremations

Some of Carhart’s offered services at his clinics are so disturbing, that they defy logic even for a notorious abortionist. Carhart, says that many women, know that being a mother is not the right choice for them.

‘They feel like they want to remember this time in their lives. We compassionately offer certain services to make that possible for them.’ Some of the services Carhart’s clinics offers are pictures of the mother and her aborted fetus, ‘baby’ as Carhart calls it.


He brazenly calls the fetus of a woman he performs an abortion on a baby. He does not try to defend himself by saying these ‘are not viable lives, by calling them a fetus, as most abortion doctors do. The Butcher of Bellevue offers women a footprint of the ‘baby’, a remembrance certificate, spiritual and ceremonial accommodations.

Carhart Has A Clinic In Bellevue, Nebraska Where He Is Called The ‘Butcher Of Bellevue’

The Butcher of Bellevue was interviewed by Rachel Maddow to discuss various threats on his life by anti-abortionists. Dr. Carhart said, “I won’t bow down to terrorists, they are cowards and bullies”.

“My patients have a right to have care, and not be terrorized. I think the local authorities are doing the best they can, but Congress has to be involved”. Carhart goes on to say “They need to call anti abortion extremists as terrorists, because that’s what they are”.

Most of us that perform abortions are very religious people. We believe that abortion is a moral right and a religious right. The anti abortionists think that they have a moral majority in the country.

However there are 41 different churches that belong to the ‘The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice’. They all support abortion as an option. None of us including myself feel that abortion is the answer for every pregnancy.


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