California Governor’s Shocking Move to Support Illegal Immigrants

This man should be kicked out of office!

Gavin Newsome

In a rather bizarre decision, the governor of California has made a radical move to thwart the Trump administration’s immigration efforts.

Governor Gavin Newsome has pardoned several criminals so he can block their deportation, as well as releasing several other hardened criminals back to the streets of California.  

The Criminals

The men being set free by Newsome illegally immigrated from Cambodia, El Salvador, and Iran.

Victor Ayala, 38, was convicted of a felony robbery.

In addition to that crime, Ayala had several misdemeanors on his record, including a hit-and-run.

Thear Seam, 41, had been convicted of robbery as well as an accessory for leading police on a high-speed chase.

Arnou Aghamalian was convicted of setting a man’s care on fire after an argument.

In addition to these illegals, Newsome chose to pardon a fourth man, Curtin Reynolds.

Reynolds had six drug convictions on his record, including felony possession.

It doesn’t stop there, either, as he also commuted two very questionable sentences.

The first man was Esdvin Flores, 44, who committed armed robbery of a defenseless woman.

Jensen Ramos was in jail for attempted murder after firing at a vehicle.

This Has to be Stopped

If Democrats have their way, jail cell doors will be opened and both illegals and hardcore criminals will be set free and able to walk our streets again.

They are so dead set on fighting Trump on illegal immigration that they are taking that opposition to an extreme.

A Democrat Illinois congressman recently called a Texas Republican congressman a racist simply because he wanted to create legislation to block illegals from voting… something they have NEVER been able to do in this country!

These moves by Democrats continue to prove their loyalty and sense of duty no longer lies with the American people but rather illegal immigrants simply out of the need to generate voters they know will pull the handle for Democrats.

The ONLY way we can fight back is by kicking them out of office and not only re-electing Donald Trump but also taking back the House and negating any power Democrats currently have.



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