California Governor Lands in HOT Water After New Scandal Emerges


California has long been on board the ballot fraud bandwagon and their push for mail-in voting has ramped up to a fever pitch. The liberal propaganda mill has everyone afraid to go to the polls, fearing Covid.

Nobody can explain why they aren’t afraid to riot every night, like they can burn the virus away with Molotov cocktails and commercial grade fireworks. Now Governor Gavin Newsom is in a fresh batch of organic, wild-fire heated, hot water. The Secretary of State is in bed with the Democrats.

California in bed with the Democrats

Fox News still reports one or two stories of interest to conservatives, between the ones aimed at RINO moderates. They quietly mentioned on Monday night that since liberal California is already in bed with the Democrats, it wouldn’t be a big deal to just hand a sweetheart deal “no-bid” contract to a left-leaning radical group.

Only Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, Gavin Newsom, would think sending taxpayer money to Democrats is a good idea, expecting them to impartially “get out the vote.” The State’s outnumbered conservatives scream, “get out a rope!”

SKDKnickerbocker is proud to be a vital part of “Team Biden,” their website declares, yet California sees no conflict of interest in letting them register voters. Some of their lawmakers are furious, the Republican ones.

James Comer, Rodney Davis, and Jody Hice have formally requested that Patricia Layfield, Inspector General of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, launch an “immediate investigation.”


Tucker Carlson hosted California Rep. Comer to talk about the “potentially illegal” deal on Monday. “This was a no-bid contract awarded to a partisan company. To get out the vote, they’re going to have to micro-target voters. In order to do that, they’re going to have to have sensitive voter data from the secretary of state’s office. We’re not going to let this go.”

A violation of the law

“The California Secretary of State’s Office,” Comer charges, “is attempting to use Help America Vote Act grant money from the CARES Act to fund the contract.

If true, this is a violation of law.” As part of the contract application, SKDKnickerbocker attached the resumes of “a number of Democrat operatives.” Some worked for the Obama administration, others the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Some even worked for Kamala Harris.


To make matters even worse, Anita Dunn, the company’s managing director, is a senior aide for Joe Biden’s campaign. That’s no big deal to the California Secretary of State.

A genderless spokesunit for the agency insists the operation is definitely a “nonpartisan effort.” Oh sure, it’s normal to put the rats in charge of guarding the cheese these days.

As The Federalist writes, “It’s amazing that these shady Democrat operatives must truly believe that we’re too stupid to see what’s going on here.

The lengths they’re apparently willing to go to in order to give every possible edge they can to Democratic candidates — even if it means violating federal law — is absolutely jaw-dropping, but this day and age, not surprising.” What can one say about California, other than the old adage that the state is just like a bowl of granola. Everything that isn’t nuts and flakes is fruit.


  1. Why doesn’t the FBI or DOJ arrested the governor? He goes against the constitution all the time. He destroy California. Courts are too corrupt in California. Secretary of state is corrupt too. Who hold these unamerican Democrat accountable?

  2. No impartiality is even thought of. The voting is controlled collected and counted by the DNC. Just like in Orange county where every republican lost after winning in 2018, it will happen again this year. The State controller and sec of state will find or manufacturer the required votes to ensure dnc victory. No pretense of fairness is on the table.

  3. I still say Trump can solve two problems at one time by following my suggestion. He can satisfy North Korea and remove the blight that is Calipornia at the same time. Trump should allow North Korea to Nuke the San Andreas fault line. This would give them bragging rights that they Nukes America. The explosion would hopefully cause the southern part of Calipornia to sink into the Ocean NEVER to be heard from ever again. Without the Southern part of Calipornia being there there would be not Nutsy Pelousy and hopefully no Schiff and many other IGNORANT Democraps polluting America.

  4. While California is by far the worst offender in eliminating any input from the opposing party, doing so is in the DNA of Democrats everywhere. There is absolutely nothing in politics to compare with an unfair advantage and Democrats everywhere in the country work hard to reproduce such systems for their areas. That’s why Democrats refuse to update voter rolls, even though the Federal government demands it (names of people who died or moved away will invariably become Democrats when the voting starts. That’s why Democrats allow the use of an invoice from a lawn care company as proof of citizenship (this is BS-every citizen was either born here, as shown on the birth certificate, or was naturalized, which is clearly shown on naturalization papers). That’s why there is early voting, late voting, same day registration and that’s why Democrats are adamant that we don’t do voter ID cards-all to be sure that voter fraud will be easy. Then, study illicit campaign funding sources (dark money) and you’ll see they have established workable sources-like PP-the government gives money to PP, PP is established as a charitable organization (so donations are tax deductible) and the PP gives $40 million to Democrats for campaign funding.


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