California Doubles Down on Communism


California can’t wait to lock everyone down and require vaccine proof to walk around loose. They haven’t gone that extreme yet but they’re getting there. In Los Angeles County you can’t get into a bar or nightclub without your covid papers starting next month.

Communism California style

The whole state of California isn’t facing this draconian measure but “Brownshirts” from the Los Angeles Health Department will be rousting patrons and employees of “indoor bars and nightclubs” for their covid papers.

If you can’t show a valid shot record or current negative virus test, you can’t come in. They won’t drag you off to quarantine camp yet but FEMA is rumored to have it on the drawing board.

On Wednesday, September 15, county officials declared, all “Customers and employees at bars, wineries, breweries, nightclubs and lounges” must be able to prove “at least one vaccine dose” by October 7.

It isn’t mandatory for restaurants but they “recommended” it so you can expect the policy to be enforced. The main reason Governor Gavin Newsom faced recall was over his covid policies so after surviving the vote of confidence on Tuesday, decided to keep the California State level administration out of this one.

Another group of California activists are sitting it out as well. This whole scheme reeks of fascism but Antifa® is suspiciously silent, proving they’re more about contrived anarchy on demand than fighting repressive authoritarianism.

In Los Angeles and surrounding areas of the county, all concerts, sports match-ups or other events held outdoors with more than 10,000 people in the crowd will be subject to the rules.

Break the cycle of surges

According to Director of Public Health for Los Angeles County, Barbara Ferrer, “This is a reasonable path forward that can position us to be better able to break the cycle of surges.” She goes on to explain that “around 67 percent of people 12 years and up have been fully vaccinated.”

Surprisingly, that’s a direct contradiction to what one of her British counterparts decided. Because they reached a 66 percent vaccine rate, the country of England has no need to require vaccine certificates at indoor events. The glass is two-thirds full and California Democrats are so pessimistic they think they’re dying of thirst.

Some say if everyone simply caught the darn thing, survivors will shrug it off, along with it’s variants, when they come around every year like the flu. In California, they aren’t that rational.

Joe Biden has already declared that the vast majority of workers must show their vaccine papers. Police, firefighters, nurses and other first responders are quitting in droves rather than show a certificate.

The largest county in California is simply following the lead of their liberal leaders on the East Coast. In August, New York City took the lead and ordered similar freedom restricting measures.

In both states, city, state and local employees are all required to have their shot records up to date. Some of the Los Angeles police officers have already sued to challenge the new rule.