Buttigieg Just Quit

Pete Buttigieg
Photo Courtesy of Pete for America via Creative Commons License

From now on, Pete Buttigieg will only be referred to as a presidential candidate.

Effective January 1, Buttigieg is no longer the sitting mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

Too Much of a Struggle

Pete Buttigieg had his hands full trying to run South Bend as well as campaign for the presidency of our country.

That struggle was never more apparent than when a black man had been shot by a police officer.

South Bend was in complete turmoil, but Buttigieg was out on the campaign trail rather than in South Bend where he could immediately address the situation.

When Buttigieg did return to South Bend, city residents slammed him for putting them second to his campaign.

There were rumors at the time that Buttigieg was going to leave the presidential race, but instead, he chose to step down as mayor.

Instead of running for re-election, he endorsed his chief of staff, James Mueller.

Mueller would go on to win the Democrat nomination and the election in November.

Can’t Do Two Jobs

The dilemma Buttigieg faced is one that many of our presidential candidates today face.

There are roughly half a dozen candidates that are currently holding other public offices while they run for the presidency.

In virtually all their states, there are problems that need to be addressed, but they are being ignored because they are on the campaign trail.

If they are on the campaign trail, they are not home listening to their constituents, and they are not in the Senate or House to vote on legislation.

While it is great Buttigieg made the right decision for the people of South Bend by stepping down from office, we need to make that the law for both Senate and House members that want to run for president.

If you want to run, fine, but you should have to resign your current position prior to announcing. 

If we do that, perhaps a little more will get done in D.C. during campaign season and perhaps we will not have fields of more than a dozen candidates, most of which have no shot of actually winning. 

Instead, they are being paid out of our tax dollars to ignore their House or Senate duties while they try to fulfill their fantasy of becoming our president. 


  1. He will never be president! The gay blade would not be acceptable to leaders in foreign countries to meet with. In those countries they kill gay men. They would never accept him as president.

  2. They should have to resign from any government positions before declaring for the presidency. The only person I can remember that did that was Bob Dole.

  3. The Constitution mandates that you cannot hold more than one office if you are elected to federal or state positions. This is working exactly as designed and needs no change.

    People should not be discouraged from running for President!

  4. Well, Mrs. Buttigieg, you might have fooled that oxymoron “military intelligence” and those Rhodes scholarship people like Fast Willie did but you’ll never fool Mother Nature and the majority of the American people.

  5. The Butt-plug should just give up. He wouldn’t no more know how to handle a crisis than he did running South Bend. He was a lousy mayor…trust me. SO glad he’s finally gone, perhaps we can begin to heal from his malfeasance

  6. It’s all for the better! Citizens of South Bend claim he did more damage as a mayor on the job than when he was gone. Not a good resume! Don’t let Buttigeig do for the nation what he has done for South Bend. Vote out all democrats!


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