Busted: He Was Tanking his Own Games for Gambling Profit


It’s tough to get by on $7 million a year these days. That’s how much the San Jose Sharks throw at Evander Kane for chasing a hard black piece of rubber around an ice skating rink with a stick. According to his pregnant wife Anna, “her husband abandoned her with their young child and a past-due mortgage to go party in Europe.” As a way to get even, she got him busted. Anna ratted him out to the NHL commissioner. “Can someone ask Gary Bettman how they let a player gamble on his own games? Bet and win with bookies on his own games?” The only way a loser like Evander could be certain of a sure thing was to bet on himself to lose.

Busted and broke

“How does the NHL let a compulsive gambling addict still play when he’s obviously throwing games to win money? Hmm maybe someone needs to address this.” They are. The NHL announced Monday that they are aware of the serious allegations and expect “to conclude its investigation into Sharks forward Evander Kane by the start of training camp next month.”

That’s official from league deputy commissioner Bill Daly. The Sharks aren’t happy their star got busted but they’re “supportive of the NHL’s decision to look into the allegations.”

As soon as Kane heard what his wife posted on Instagram, he denied everything. It only looks like he’s busted, he claims. He “strenuously denied he had gambled on hockey games, Sharks games, or had ‘thrown’ games, saying on his Twitter account that he would cooperate with the investigation.”

He celebrated his 30th birthday on Monday, thrilled with the news he hasn’t been suspended. He already owes every paycheck he’s expecting from the Sharks to his creditors.

Along with being a compulsive gambler, the Sharks forward is also co-founder of the Black Lives Matter™ “Hockey Diversity Alliance.” His wife is furious enough with him to have him busted by the NFL.

“So you leave July 8th. You do not call or text at all for 7 days. Then you inform me you are going to Europe for a vacation must be nice, but at the same time tell me our house is being taken by the bank.”


Saying ‘dada’ for a week

The busted hockey star couldn’t ” come home to help ur pregnant wife pack or help her with anything at all.” Their one-year-old daughter “walked around the house with her bunny saying ‘dada’ for a week looking for you.”

She claims “I don’t know if there are even words to describe the kind of evil person that you are to abandon your wife who is pregnant with your son and your one year old daughter,” but she found some.

Despite his 7 year, $49 million contract with the Sharks, Kane is “currently undergoing bankruptcy proceedings in the state of California.” He really does seem to have a gambling problem.

At least a “history of gambling debts.” A Vegas casino sued him for the $500,000 he owed them. When he got busted by his wife for throwing games he denied it. “He has never gambled on his own games,” Kane insists but you can color his wife gone.

In January, the bankruptcy paperwork he filed shows he’s busted on paper too. He listed “assets totaling just over $10.2 million and his liabilities at over $26.8 million.” He admits in the paperwork “he lost $1.5 million due to gambling.”

Kane can’t afford to miss a single game. He already spent his paycheck. “Over the next four years, Kane is owed $26 million in salary.” It looks like he was out to cover that 800k difference with a “sure thing” but he’s innocent until proven guilty.