British Government Prepares to Use Some of Their Coronavirus Funding to Finance an Elite Sex Party


I don’t think there’s any reason to mince words here: if I was a British subject I have to say I would be very upset right now. Apparently, the UK government is preparing to invest 170,000 pounds into a company called “Killing Kittens”, which essentially hosts orgies for the rich and famous in cities all over the world such as London, Paris, New York, Sydney, and Venice.

Apparently, this elite sex parties firm is currently valued at over 11 million pounds and it was founded by British entrepreneur Emma Sayle in 2005. It recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on an investment platform called Seedrs, and it raised 170,000 pounds.

Yes, the British government is going to match this, and not only that but they are going to procure the funds from their Coronavirus Future Fund account. Thus, total funding for this escapade is going to reach an appalling 340,000 pounds. But hey, even when your citizens are dying of this mystery virus, your leaders, billionaires, and CEOs still have needs, right?

This story was first broke by CNBC, and Sayle told the news firm via email that they were “still awaiting funds, but I’m proud to say that the Future Funds has conditionally approved our application.” Once the deal is completed, the British taxpayer is going to hold a stake of at least 1.47 percent.

Needless to say, the company has some interesting ways to describe themselves. They say on their website that they provide “a platform that keeps women first” and that they will host parties that will help the women “encourage, build confidence, liberate, and allow experimentation,” and that there is also a “guarantee” that this is a “unique experience unlike anything else you have had.”

Additionally, Emma Sayle also had quite a few interesting things to say herself about her company. She said that her service was devoted to risque parties where literally “anything goes.” She also added that these parties tend to “become orgies” and that there is a lot of “girl on girl action.” Of course, I have to say that it kind of sounds more like a glorified escort service than anything else.

The Future Fund (a bit of a misnomer, don’t you think?) was launched in April, and it actually has been delivered by the British Business Bank. UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak is behind this scheme, and he said that the purpose of this type of “end justifies the means” type of leadership is to help all of these “innovative” companies survive the Coronavirus pandemic.

It’s definitely a bit ironic when they call this the “Future Fund” when they certainly don’t care about the future of these glorified escorts that are involved with this company!



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