Breaking: White House on High Alert for Something the Dems Helped Cause

White House on High Alert for Something the Dems Helped Cause

The White House is now on high alert about an issue that the Democrats helped create. The Biden administration is growing concerned about the rise in violent crime as local authorities are warning that “a brutal summer of killing lies ahead,” according to CNN.

The network reports that Joe Biden is planning to address the rise in shootings, armed robberies, and vicious assaults following a meeting with law enforcement, state and local officials, and others involved in combating the trend.

“He hopes to dampen what has already become a cudgel for Republicans eager to run a ‘law and order’ campaign in next year’s midterm elections,” CNN wrote.

According to officials, Biden is planning to announce a comprehensive strategy to reduce crime in hopes of reducing gun violence and combating the root causes of the spike in crime. He is also planning to sign executive orders and call on Congress to enact new gun laws.

In reality, none of his executive orders or Congress’ proposed gun laws will actually fix the spike in crime. What is actually leading to this spike is the Democrats’ insane policies and ideals, such as preventing police from doing their jobs or outright defunding police departments, and allowing radical prosecutors and district attorneys to refuse to prosecute certain crimes and instead let criminals out of jail to go commit more crimes. What the White House is now being pushed to do is to take these policies from Democrat states and implement them at a federal level, which would be disastrous.

Of course, CNN has another explanation for the rise in crime, writing: “Across the country, the easing of pandemic restrictions paired with the onset of warmer weather has led to a troubling increase in crime, much of it involving guns. After years of decreasing crime statistics, the homicide rate surged in major cities in 2020 and that trend appears poised to continue this year.”

The idea that being given our freedoms back coupled with the temperature outside is somehow leading people to kill people is laughable, but it appears that this is what passes for journalism these days.



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