Breaking: Trump Protester Shot By Police


One deplorable supporter of President Donald Trump and the U.S. Constitution has reportedly been shot. The condition of the protester is unknown. The shooting happened at the time the Capitol Building was first breached.

One protester shot

Update: CBS news and OANN are reporting that the woman who was shot in the Capitol Building today has passed away. The prayers of every patriot go out to her family.

Unconfirmed but persistent reports of one patriot being shot by police appear to be correct and as the sun goes down in Washington, capitol police are rumored to be getting ready to use live ammunition to shoot protesters and clear the capitol. President Donald Trump recently issued an appeal to for everyone to pack up and go home but deplorable patriots don’t appear to be inclined to go anywhere.

Earlier, the US Flag which flies above the Capitol Building was replaced by a Trump flag. The media suddenly starts complaining about the rampant vandalism. They should be able to see a peaceful protest by now. They’ve had lot’s of practice all summer.

While PBS was covering the riot, one young patriot stopped to talk to the camera crew. He related that he was one of the first of the protesters to breach the building. He notes they ripped aside the barricades and were met with flash bang grenades, which they ducked.


As they came into the building, they were met by armed security who opened fire. A woman just ahead of the protester was “shot through the neck.” He wasn’t sure of her condition but related that it could have just as easily been him, if he had been further ahead going in the door. “They thought it was a joke until we got inside,” then they started shooting.


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